Saturday, December 02, 2006


I re-read the Blog I posted yesterday, and I feel I must mention something which should now be obvious to everyone.That observation--and fact--is that ANYONE exposed to HIV/AIDS could potentially develop the disease, themselves.The only way to do that, is to have UNPROTECTED SEX with someone who has the virus, or the disease.Even then, you may NOT become infected, but it bears mentioning that we are ALL(women, men--straight, gay, bi, lesbian---White, Latino,Black, Asian)at risk.
The rising death rate among young American Black women, is directly attributable to HIV/AIDS infection.
My personal belief of why the death rate is rising, is that there are a lot of American Black men so much on the "Down-Low" that their wives or girlfriends are left unaware, and UNprotected!
Listen, guys---come OUT--OUT is PROUD, OUT is good!
If you fear your Spiritual Community will hurt you with reprisals, then either work to CHANGE your Spiritual Community(from within), or GO TO A NEW SPIRTITUAL COMMUNITY.
Even Christian pastors are starting to actually SEE THE LIGHT--case in point, the USA Today article, written by a Christian Pastor, which stated "It's time to...accept homosexuality for what it is---a person is born this way, and it is NOT chosen behavior."
His acceptance was loving, and good--not merely tolerant.
I hope the Catholic Church and other Christian communities(as well as other Faiths, too!)will embrace this long-overdue recognition of us. We are all entitled to our lives, our sexuality, and our way to worship....

So, do your homework, kids.KNOW the person you choose to make love with.And then, put a condom on BEFORE you have any kind of sex.


Anonymous said...

Lisa... not to be a total geek... but HIV/AIDS can be transfered through via blood (AKA sharing needles or even a transfusion).... sex isn't the only way... just the most common way.

Thanks for posting on the subject--- it is a subject most people ignore.

Lisa Allender said...

Of course that's true--I should've mentioned that as well.I was hell-bent on emphasizing that HIV/AIDS affects ALL of us, and so I focused only on the sexual.Thanks for the comment!