Sunday, December 03, 2006

Okay, it's Sunday, December 3rd, and we're nearly 4 years into Iraq, (I think we invaded Iraq in March-- um-- around March 19th, I believe, of 2003), and death there is at an all-time high. More people have been killed in the past month(November), than in the previous three months!
I used to believe we could extricate ourselves from this, rather slowly... but I think now, the ONLY way to end this, is swiftly-- to simply LEAVE...It's either that choice-- or a mandatory draft-- which would certainly force the war to end quickly, because all of a sudden, all these folks who "support" the war, would have to offer up their own children in service to this atrocity...It's pretty easy to say you "support" something, when it costs you nothing precious.

The young men and women who serve, are doing what this administration asked them to do, and they do their best.But this "war" is bogus, and has been, from the start...
We can ask more young people to die, or we can admit this huge mistake, beg forgiveness, and bring our children home. The Iraqi government, and a large majority of Iraqi people have ASKED us to leave!
As John Kerry pleaded, way back in the 1960's, at the Hearings on Vietnam, when discussing his experiences in Vietnam, and his belief
that we had to leave Vietnam:
"How do you ask a man--to be the last man to die--for a mistake?"

But this is not what's been on the minds of everyone, this past week. Nope, it's a lot of B.S.--Britney Spears-- to be exact!
Yes, I've heard what she did, and is apparently still doing.
Let's see-- you're an international pop-star, you just had a major break-up with a rather pointless husband, and after birthing your second child(just a few WEEKS after!)-- you choose to go out with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, two very attractive celebrities who rate a "10"--on anyone's "Skank-O-Meter".And let's see--you choose to go out in a short, sexy skirt, with no underwear.You are frequently photographed getting in and out of limos, so you make certain that you are photographed that way....
Hmmmmm...All I can figure is, Britney is desperate. Desperate to get photographed. To feel "validated." To get talked-about. The first one:done; the second:I dunno--I think you should look for other ways to feel validated, Ms. Spears. And the third:Mission Accomplished, Britney--everyone is talking about you!
Instead of WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?--- I'd rather ask, in the midst of all the chaos in this needy world
(The starvation in Darfur region;AIDS epidemic in Africa;Ethnic cleansing in Rwanda;the war in Iraq;the orders-- in the new Iraqi Constitution--to execute gay people "In The Worst Way Possible";the uncertainty among world leaders regarding the future of this planet:global warming, nuclear annihilation, etc., etc..).....
I'd rather ask:
With all this going on, we chose to focus on Britney Spear's hee-haw-hoochie-coo....

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