Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hi kids!
Okay, here's the deal:
Libby just got convicted of lying, and obstruction of justice--and nobody is surprised.
This Administration is found to be more
corrupt, day by ugly day.BUT...
I found something that made me break into the biggest smile I've had, in quite awhile:
It's called
Treadmill Dancing!!!
Please click on the LINK below, for a smile that only Steve Martin's book, The Pleasure Of My Company could give you!!(I don't know if Steve even knows about this YouTube hit, but I'm sure he'd agree it's just hilarious!!)
And hey--if anyone knows these fellas, PLEASE introduce me--I think they'd make spectacular dinner guests!Okay--Hansoo just informed me they are an actual band--called OK Go---I'd heard of them, but never SEEN them---wow!The song is called "Here It Goes Again"


and look for:
Treadmill Dancing

OH! I WILL post those Addresses for the Vendors who we chose for our Wedding, but I gotta learn how to do all the LINKS...more on that, soon!
Have a great night!


Collin said...

Honey, you are in desperate need of a blogging 101 course. Call and let me give you some pointers.

Dustin Brookshire said...

I guess it shows I am too much of a Dolly fan... when I first read the title of that song, I thought it read "Here You Come Again."