Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hi kids!
Updates on several items:
If you have not been to Collin Kelley's Blog in awhile,be sure to check it out.He's posted a pretty sensational video featuring the voice(& cool looks!) of actress Toni Collete(!).

Check out Dustin Brookshire's new magazine, "Limp Wrist"--definitely NOT your parents'literary mag! He's currently accepting, and sorting through, submissions....

I am drafting something really new for me, and I'll not reveal WHAT it is just yet, but stay tuned....More details in about a week.

Shouts out to "Theya Helen"--feel better soon!

I want to talk politics just a bit here. I cannot GET OVER Libby being "excused" by this poor-excuse-we-still-are-stuck-with-for-President.Confirms everything we already know:
Corruption exists in the entire Administration.
It does not matter to the Administration, because they are never held accountable.For anything.
We still have almost a year and a half, before we will be rid of this evil.That's enough time, unfortunately, for this Administration to do even more damage...
So, what to DO?
Impeach Cheney(we start with him, NOT George W., because then we'd be stuck with Cheney--which could be even worse than the current situation).

Hey, it's a start....

Finally, a heartfelt wish for all in the UK today. Here's to healing, and to understanding...In memory of July 7th, 2005...



Collin said...

Hey, honey, thanks for the shout out. We still need to get together soon.

Dustin said...

Lisa, thank you for mentioning LIMP WRIST. Sorry I haven't returned your call... lately, I've been so swamped with "life" I haven't been too much of a phone person.

Wishing you the best always!