Monday, July 30, 2007

Photo Courtesy of web site, The Compleat Steve Martin.
Steve, your new wife looks like exactly who I thought you'd wind up with--an intellectual cutie with dark hair.

Steve Martin. Most of you immediately get a picture in your head of the new "Inspector Closeau", or "The Father of the Bride"...or if you're older, or watch reruns-- that wild n' crazy guy from SNL, or if you're a even bit older--that arrow-through-the head-routine he did, even longer ago, on the Tonight Show, when it starred Johnny Carson...
As for me, I remember instead the lovely, lyrical writing he is not-quite-as-famous-for...
His "In Memory of My Father"(a New Yorker piece written years ago, that still haunts me) is one such piece...His recent novel, "The Pleasure of My Company", is simultaneously hilarious, and heartbreaking....
I loved his play, "Picasso at the Lapin Agile'"... That play, which ran at the Alliance years ago, was a highlight in my play-going experiences, and was made much more memorable at the Q & A the Alliance held with Mr. Martin, a day after the play's Preview....
I was first to raise my hand, and after a rapid-fire delivery of a lengthy question, I nervously waited for his answer, which came first with a comment:"Are you Sarah Jessica Parker?" At the time, I had only a vague notion of Ms. Parker, who has since become quite the TV star(this was prior to her "Sex & the City").
The audience burst into laughter, and sensing my discomfort, Mr. Martin quickly answered the question I'd asked(about a "dark moment" in his very witty play)and then added, "Sarah's a very good friend of mine, she's very cute and funny--it's a compliment..."
I wish I'd had the nerve to show him the card I still carried around--HIS card...That's right--I'd actually met Mr. Martin, after spotting(okay, an exboyfriend, David, actually spotted him first)him in Saks' at Phipps---WAY BACK IN SUMMER, 1993--or was it 1994---in any case, I dashed outside to speak with him....
It was a sunny afternoon, and he was wearing a baseball cap, and appeared understandbly startled when I screamed across the parking lot,
"Hey--what's your name??"
"Shhhh..." he said, in a near-whisper, gesturing with his hands in a "keep it down" fashion...
"You're Steve Martin", I shouted.
He walked closer, and said simply, "Yes."
I asked him if he'd seen "Short Cuts" yet, the Robert Altman film I'd JUST finished watching at Phipps' cinema...
"Oh--I heard it's boring..."
"No, that's not true, Mr. Martin,", I began...
"Call me Steve, please."
"...Uh, okay,'s actually very realistic--and very edg-y.Suspenseful,it's a really interesting film.."(I remember most of my comments to him, as I have repeated this story again and again--to anyone who'll indulge me)
He asked me a few questions about the film, and then, when I told him "You know, I wouldn't mind seeing it again..."
He smiled broadly and said,"You're cute, you know that? Really cute--would you like my card?"
Temporarily paralyzed, I simply remained where I stood.
"Aw, c'mre--I won't bite..."
"Here you go."
I remember noticing his hand had "freckles", and that his face looked alot younger than his hands...
The card went something like this:
"This is to certify you have had a personal encounter with me, and that you found me to be warm, polite, intelligent, and funny. signed, Steve Martin."
He started off, walking in the direction of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

I discovered later he was in Atlanta for the filming of "Nuts".
Wish I'd been more "connected" to the acting community that year, but I was, unfortunately, far too occupied with the self-created drama of the previously mentioned boyfriend, etc...

So,I did not get to show off to him that I had his card(I was carrying it, that afternoon at the Alliance--this was January of 1998, I believe).As he moved on to others' questions, I did raise my hand in a mild attempt to mention the card--which I did NOT get to do-- and he said "I hope you get over your shyness, Miss."
Which elicited more laughter from the audience, as that afternoon at the Alliance, I had been anything but!
Congratulations, Mr. Martin, on your wedding....Your wife is indeed fortunate to be in the pleasure of your company....

Go on, go read "Shopgirl"...or "Cruel Shoes"--Steve Martin's first book--a book of poetry!!

Peace, kids!

Steve Martin stuns guests with surprise wedding Sun Jul 29, 3:49 PM ET

From father of the bride to groom, actor Steve Martin married for the second time in front of 75 guests who thought they had been invited to his home for a party, media reports said on Sunday.

The comic turned actor, who played George Banks in the 1991 movie "Father of the Bride," married writer Anne Stringfield on Saturday with Hollywood heavyweights including Tom Hanks and Diane Keaton in attendance, according to People magazine's Web site.

Former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey presided over the ceremony and the best man was Lorne Michaels, the creator of "Saturday Night Live," a popular U.S. television comedy show that Martin has guest hosted more than anyone else.

Martin, 61, sported a mustache that he has let grow for his role as Inspector Clouseau in an upcoming sequel to the 2006 movie "The Pink Panther."

It is the first marriage for the 35-year-old Stringfield, a former staffer at The New Yorker magazine, and the second for Martin, who divorced British actress Victoria Tennant in 1994.

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Dan said...

Steve Martin is definitely attracted to intellectual women. Even more specifically, women named Anne...