Thursday, July 19, 2007

What I think is a bad idea:
People pigeon-hole-ing themselves, with phrases like
"Oh, that's not me--I can't write;I can communicate only by speaking."
Or "No, I'm not able to get up in front of people; that's just not me."

I realize we all have experiences which make us believe we CAN'T do a particular thing, but actually, all that we are responding to, is WHAT WE'VE DONE IN THE PAST.

This makes us OLD before our time.It restricts us in the worst way. It limits us--WE limit ourselves-- with this narrow definition of WHO WE ARE...
A better, and actually much more truthful thing to say would be to say "Up until now, I haven't tried that..." or
"In the past, I've been (afraid, unwilling, etc.)to do so...".

I could take my own advice here.As in:
"Gee, I'm just not athletic.."
Actually, I enjoyed basketball, and could run faster than most kids(back in the day), but because I feared the rejection I often felt when choosing sides for sports teams(shout out to Janis Ian and "At Seventeen"), and because I wrongly believed I could not be academically successful-- and also play a sport-- I gave up, literally without even trying....

So from now on, it's "I have not explored athletics much in the past, but I'm open..."
Some sports I may explore:
Fencing(Took one class in it, and loved it, in college.Denied myself another class, believing it might be "frivolous" to enjoy fencing!)
Bowling(I've only done this three times in my life, but it was truly fun--and I think the hand-eye-coordination-thing is somethin' I can really use!)
(I want to do this with Hansoo, who believes he'll beat me at this.)
Another myth about myself, to throw away:
That I'm "just not competitive"...

What is it you are always ready to say you "CAN'T DO"?
Whatever it is, ask yourself if you truly CAN'T--or is it that you simply haven't tried, or followed-up on the activity?

And then, rephrase it:
"Up until now, I ..." and then,

Peace, kids.

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