Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where I've been all day:
1st Annual Summer Publishing Workshop--at Georgia Tech!
Wonderful morning/afternoon listening to Travis Denton and Katie Chaple address various concerns of those of us wanting to get more poetry published!(That would be ALL us poets, kids!)
I have not mailed out ANYthing by actual snail-mail, preferring instead to simply "click and send".
I have been reticent, reluctant--maybe just timid--to actually MAIL these poems out...but they WILL go out soon...
"Go on, little poem, you're free, go & find a home."
(I used to say sending a poem out was like freeing a little creature; pal Ellen commented the other day that it felt like sending a child out into the world...)
Much gratitude to Travis and Katie for their help, direction, and support! Yaaa Poetry at Tech!
Now, everyone come out & support the Decatur Book Fest--on Labor Day Weekend!!Georgia Tech people, Java Monkey folks-- all will be out celebrating, in Decatur!!
And in September--beginning on the 21st of September--Poetry at Tech
is back for another year of great poets reading their work!!And coming up in December--Collin Kelley is Featured at Poetry at Tech! Go Collin!!

Now go back to your computer, and finish that poem you were working on, before you checked out my Blog.
If you don't have one to finish--or tweak--then why don't you begin one?

I'll be selecting poems which have something to do with the subject-- or theme of-- PEACE, very soon....
It can be written from ANY perspective, and can be personal, political, or neither...
It may be ANY form--or NO form, and any length, but shorter(16 lines or less)is MUCH PREFERRED....
I cannot yet reveal what your poem MAY be selected for, but trust me---you'll want to be a part of this!
The project is a COLLABORATIVE ONE--so there will be SEVERAL "winners"....
If you're interested, please copy-n-paste your poem into the body of an e-mail--PLEASE, NO ATTACHMENTS!-- and send it to:

ONE POEM SUBMISSION PER POET, PLEASE...The deadline is Sept. 1st...


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