Friday, August 03, 2007

Remember the post--a few days ago--where I ranted about people who pigeon-hole themselves, saying things like "That's not me, I can't do..." (whatever they had never TRIED to do)....Remember how I said I should take my own advice, since I complain "I'm not athletic", and "I'm not competitive.." ?
Well, the next day, I looked over a pamphlet I received in the mail--Team in Training offers an opportunity to WALK/RUN a Half-Marathon or Marathon, for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.I attended a WALK only meeting, just a few days later, and I signed up!
I'll be attending a "Kick-off Meeting" on Thursday, the evening of August 16th, here in the Northside(Alpharetta), where all of us participating will meet the Honored Heroes(those afflicted with blood cancers) and learn more about this organization...
But there's more to this story...
I was certainly a bit anxious about such a radically different activity for me... So I actively meditated--prayed--for a "sign"--something "specific", to let me know I was on a good path in signing up...One day after the meeting I attended to sign up, I went to my Pax Christi(a Peace & Social Justice group) meeting.We usually ask if anyone has someone they would like kept in our prayers. A dear friend, Mary Jean, announced a close friend had just become ill. Seems her friend was just diagnosed--with Leukemia!
I know to some it may appear to be a "coincidence", but since extremely "specific" things seem to happen an awful lot--especially when I meditate on a particular thing, I feel like it's an "answer" from the Universe. And no--you folks of little or no faith--this is not "arrogance"
(I myself--before developing Faith--used to believe it was arrogant to think anything was connected--after all, how could any one individual be of any consequence?). But it's not arrogance--it's actually an acceptance--that when you ASK the Universe--it really does answer you...
I could've signed up for ANY athletic event, for ANY charity(I have Heart Association flyers, Breast Cancer, etc.),but this Leukemia & Lymphoma was the one I chose, and the one for which I specifically asked for "a sign"... And I received, I feel, a "Yes."....

When I quite ill, back in June of 2006, (I was hospitalized in Las Vegas, with Diverticular disease--Acute Diverticulitis), I had only a few moments each day free of pain, and I remember writing down on hospital note-paper, a belief I have, that I'd like to one day write a full essay on--but here's the belief--in thirty seconds or less:
O. U. I.:
Omnipresent Universal Intuition
in other words--a TERM for this frequently recurring phenomena which has no name:
Omnipresent: Always present, always available.
Universal: For All, by All.
Intuition:Internal Knowledge,expressed seemingly "mystically."
After I wrote it down, it occured to me that:
OUI means YES (in French), and is prounounced "WE"...I like to say it means WE say YES to uh-- the Universe, I guess!
Has anyone else out there experienced this? I know human beings do look for patterns even where none exist, but again--these are very very specific things, which seem to happen/be revealed to me, whenever I meditate and pray on them....
In my case, my Faith supports such experiences...For those of you who don't pray or meditate, try it. You might be surprised by the result.
Peace, kids, Peace.

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