Monday, August 06, 2007

Sunday afternoon was an afternoon of discovery.
I (finally!) got to play in front of the camera, for those long-needed Headshots. In June, I posted how I was "Jumping back in[to auditioning]", and so I am...
The lovely, talented Ms. Kelsey Edwards from L.A. shot me here in Atlanta at the old Fulton Cotton Mill lofts.I enjoyed--truly enjoyed-- her direction and sense of humor. It was everything a shoot should be. Kelsey's many assistants were helpful, as was pretty makeup artist Mel....
Kelsey's website is:
I found Kelsey's name on the list of SAG-approved photographers... Try her--she's great!

"Dailies Atlanta".Worth checking out, kids! Read their Constitution. Read their Mission Statement.And then, challenge your creativity, your commitment, and your art-- go to a meeting.
I was there, Sunday night, listening to fimmmakers, and learning....I also got to catch a screening of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival entry,"Death to the Tinman".
The short black-and-white had stark imagery and over-the-top violence, and is a sort of Eisenstadt-meets-Quentin-Tarantino....

Today(August 6th, 1945) is the 62nd anniversary of the most horrific thing the United States has ever done. The dropping of the "Little Boy" bomb(what an innocent, inocuous-sounding name for the horrendousness that was the first Atomic Bomb!).
Tremendous love and support goes out to all who were forever changed by those days(Nagasaki was bombed with "Fat Man" on August 9th, 1945).
Please do watch HBO's White Light/Black Rain.This documentary is deeply affecting.
Special recognition to Georgia's own Father Bob Cushing, for his pilgrimage to Japan, in Summer, 2005, where he reunited with a man he'd met twenty years earlier(in 1985), who is a survivor of that man-made hell.
Fr. Bob offered apologies for our(the US) bombing in a written statement from hundreds of Americans(including me).
May the world never see such cruelty unleashed again.

Peace, kids.
Peace, Peace, Peace.

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