Monday, October 08, 2007

Hope everyone is enjoying Fall...

The Greek Festival was nice...I enjoyed the food(Greek potatoes, Greek salad) and then walked around with Mom and Cuz Stephanie(she's soooo gorgeous--long(nearly to her waist!) dark wavy hair, blue eyes, slender, and a tri-athlete with great artistic sensibilities(she designs jewelry using wire, metals, and beads, in her spare time!). As if this weren't enough, she also works as an engineer for a major coropration. A true "Renaissance woman", I think! Come back anytime, Steph!

This vertigo is bothering me an awful lot...
I've lost no enthusiasm for the Team-in-Training's Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Half-Marathon on Thanksgiving Day, and, God willing, look forward to completing it!
Alas, I have been under doctor's orders NOT to train, the past three weeks(sigh).
We'll see what's going on, this weekend, as I have a doctor's appointment this Friday...
'nuff of medical concerns.

The Presidential Race:
My DREAM ticket:
Al Gore gets drafted to run, and becomes the President we SHOULD have had,long ago.Barack Obama runs as his Vice-President, and becomes as beloved as our maverick Al Gore.
Realistically, it may end up being Hilary at the top of the Dem's ticket....I like many of the things Hilary claims to support, BUT:
I do not think she'll commit completely to PEACE in the Middle East(TROOPS OUT, NOW!).

I also know Al Gore probably will not decide to run ON HIS OWN, as his ties to the Clintons go so deep...
Barack Obama will make a GREAT President, one day--strongly opininated, with a great dose of HOPE, he already IS a leader.If Gore simply refuses to run, my support goes to BARACK--- all the way!!!Of course, if Hilary gets her way, I hope Barack will consider "settling" for the V.P. slot...

If you want to donate to my Walk/Run with Team-in-Training, please e-mail me!!Even if I don't get to do the Thanksgiving morning Half-Marathon, there are other races I may compete in.
My committment is to $1500.00 and I'd like to raise even more than that!

Thank you!

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