Thursday, October 04, 2007

I put out a call awhile ago, for poets to send in poems on the theme of PEACE--personal, political, familial-- preferably under 24 lines.ANY style, point-of-view, form, content. No language restrictions.
You may send up to three(3) poems. All poems must NOT have been published elsewhere.You receive full recognition for your poem.
I am extending the Deadline:
It's January 1st, kids.
This is for a wonderfully exciting project!
If selected, you MUST be willing to appear on film....If you miss out on submitting, you'll be sorry. This is going to absolutely rock, kids. So get busy writing--and SEND YOUR POEMS TO:
Lisa Allender
720 Society Street
Alpharetta,GA. 30022

Other stuff:
Do check out Mike Dockins' new book:
"Slouching In The Path Of A Comet", by Sage Hill Press.It is worth your time, your hard-earned bucks, and your extreme attention. I'll be posting a Review of this lovely little gem, at my Web Site--check out "Lisa's Lens" in just a few days!

The Greek Festival opens TODAY--Get yourself over to The Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation near Emory University-- for great Greek eats, music, dancing, gifts to purchase--traditional Greek food, jewelry, clothing, religious icons, etc... Wine is available, too! Opa'!
Take a tour of their beautiful, inspiring church--whether you possess faith or no, I think it's lovely to see the handiwork, the pride of craftsmanship, and the strongly held values that shape this mesmerizing community....
In years past, I've noticed many Russian vendors are selling items there as well, so keep an eye out for their goodies, too.
I'll be there all day Saturday, with 2nd-cousin Stephanie, and my Mom. See you there!

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