Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here's the update on Iran...just click here for the sad, all-too-true news...

South Korea used to be all about TOLERANCE. It was understood that in their constitution, there would be EQUAL PROTECTION for sexual orientation, just as there is for race, religion, etc...but right now, this is being threatened, by so-called "Christian" types(in this case, extremist, right-wing) who comprise 60% of their leadership.
Check on the South Korean situation, here

and then SEND AN E- MAIL TO THE SECRETARY of THE United Nations, stating that South Koea appears intolerant of others,when it refuses to ensure the same rights and protection under the law for LGBTQ people.South Korea is very sensitive to its international reputation, and WILL respond, if we express our extreme displeasure with their intolerance.
I say:
This may be one of the last countries that still values what we U.S. citizens have to say. Let's not lose this chance to have worthwhile input!

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