Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monday night was one of the loveliest nights I've experienced in the Theatre biz.
I was able to rehearse a fun, "old-time-radio-show", perform it live, grow closer with a very professional bunch of fellow performers, and....
Tah-dah!!(drum roll please!) the event "Lend Me An Ear" was so successful for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, that in terms of "grocery-buying-power"(every dollar in net proceeeds from ticket-sales is worth EIGHT TIMES THAT, for the Food Bank!)that over $11,000.00 was raised!!
Thank you to all who came out to support the show.For me, especially, I want to thank:
Mom--Demetra, honey Hansoo, pals Danny Morrison, and Carole "Big Sis"(the red rose is nestled in with my flowers from the birthday party!) Madan;Playwright Ray Fast(way-to-go-on-losing-40-pounds, Ray! you look wonderful!); New friend, Rosa L. and her pal, too!
The show was videotaped--I'm going to check into how-- if possible-- to purchase a copy.
I definitely am looking forward to next year's auditions for "Lend Me An Ear".
There were several "sketches" to the entire show, but I'll just mention the two I know intimately!It was such fun to play Julius, the grocery boy in "The Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show"(I could feel the audience "there" with all of us, chuckling and guffawing at every turn!), and being cast in the lead female role--Marilyn Millington-- in "The Case of the Rawhide Coffin", in "The Whistler" was for me, an over-the-top joy!
Many thanks to Director Mark Gray, Director Barry Stoltze,who is also producer of the annual event, (he directed us in "The Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show), and Doug Kaye, (who directed us in "The Whistler"). The sound effects crew did an AMAZING job-- many thanks to Atlanta Radio Theatre Company-- for their expertise!Everyone worked their magic with all us actors, in all the segments.Joe Ruffner was a great stage manager, and many thanks are in order for The New American Shakespeare Tavern, and artistic director, Jeff Watkins!
If you missed out this year, please PLAN ON next year--the Show will once again be on a Monday night, in mid-November!
Special note to little Courtney Dickinson(a 12-year-old with serious singing chops!): Keep singing and acting your heart out, young lady--go for what you want!!

I'll be posting an update on the situation in South Korea, and what could be a "Stonewall moment" over there, later today...

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