Monday, November 12, 2007

Tonight, Tonight...
I'm excited about "Lend Me An Ear", which happens TONIGHT--Monday, November 12th.
More on that, in a sec...
I posted just a few weeks ago that I am getting back into the swim of things---so, here's the update:
I'm finishing work on yet another stage piece("The Taste of Shapes")--it's a piece that someone else will have to play, as I'm only interested in the writing, not the performing, part of it...

My one-woman "Show & Tell" will be bearing real fruit, soon.
I'll give details in the next week or so, as to WHERE, and WHEN...

At the suggestion of Franklin Abbott, I'm writing a piece to perform which reflects the life of Edna St. Vincent Millay, the flamboyant bisexual poet who married a man late in life...
Tenative title:"The Woman Who Called Herself Vincent".In reading(and listening!) to Ms. Millay's words, I feel a bit of kinship with her.

I will send "Words From Water: Poems" to a dear, trusted poet pal of mine, later this week. I made revisions, inserted a few new poems, and am figuring out the cover for the book, too!

I hosted a party for me-self, this past Saturday--an all-FEMALE-group to celebrate my age, with birthday-cake, and a fashion show! What FUN we had.Special thanks to my Mom--Demetra, and Coral McGhee, who filled my house with gorgeous clothes for us to try on!!
check it out:

I'll be finishing "The Book of O: The Orgasm Poems", soon!A local filmmaker has expressed great interest in developing it into a FILM!

Here are the details on "Lend Me An Ear".Remember, your $15.00 ticket goes to Atlanta Community Food Bank, to feed families during the Holidays!

PLEASE ARRIVE BY 6:15 P.M. in order to secure a ticket. Sorry, no advance sales.

The 4th Annual “Lend Me An Ear!” at the New American Shakespeare Tavern on Monday, November 12, 2007 at 7:30PM.
Every fall, the three professional acting unions (AFTRA, SAG, and Equity) gather together for a night of Old Time Radio recreations, complete with live SFX, as a fundraiser for the Atlanta Community Food Bank. This year’s theme is “Old Time Radio: Southern and Western Style”. The evening will include the perennial favorite Gunsmoke as well as the early homespun comedy of Lum ‘n Abner at the Jot-‘em-Down General Store. Then, on The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show, “Phil Becomes an Honorary Confederate Colonel”. Superman, that incredible Man of Steel, will be pitted against “The Clan of the Fiery Cross”. And the mystery program The Whistler offers the tale of “The Rawhide Coffin”.
Admission is $15 at the door (no advance ticket sales) and all proceeds go to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Seating is on a first come, first served basis. Doors open at 6:15PM and authentic English fare and beverages are available.
The Shakespeare Tavern is located at 499 Peachtree St. in Atlanta. For directions go to
Parking is directly across the street from the theatre at Crawford Long Hospital.
Come join in the laughter, drama, and suspense as we celebrate America’s Golden Age of Radio with some of Atlanta’s finest actors and voice talents on Monday, November 12 at 7:30PM at the Shakespeare Tavern in downtown Atlanta!

Included in the cast are: Lon Abrams, Lisa Nanette Allender, Yolanda Asher, John Atwood, Karen Beyer, Bob Bost, Bill Colquitt, Courtney Dickinson, Marc Farley, Marc Gowan, Mark Gray, Angie Harrell, Jon Hayden, Jerry Immel, Helen Ingebritsen, Doug Kaye, Martha Knighton, Rivka Levin, Sheila Maddox, Sharon Malone, Ted Manson, Debra Nelson, Theresa O'Shea, Tim Peek, Suzanne Roush, Wayne Steadman, Sheri Mann Stewart, Barry Stoltze, Minnie Tee, Tom Turbiville, Brian Welch, Elizabeth Whitfield, and Jeff Winter. Our stage manager is Joe Ruffner.


Pris said...

You have such exciting news and so much going on in your writing life. A friend and I have been writing a series of women's fiction novels and can't get an agent to even breathe on our query letters so far:-)

Collin said...

Lisa, sorry I had to miss it, but worked late to catch up and was just exhausted. Hope it went well. Let me know. :)

Dan said...


The show last night was excellent! You were amazing on stage as the character Marilyn in The Whistler! I really enjoyed all the different players. Hopefully, SAG/AFTRA/AEA will consider offering the show twice a year.

Lisa Allender said...

To pris:
Hi there!
Do you belong to local writers' groups(in your area)? That has been the single most important thing I've done, in terms of getting addresses to send work out, meeting other writers & receiving constructive critique of my pieces, etc...
Here's to much more success for you--I really enjoy your Blog!
And come visit My Blog, again, soon!
collin:great seeing you at "Outwrite" last night.
dan:Thank you much for the compliments!Guess what?I heard they are indeed thinking about doing Lend Me An Ear twice a year!