Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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Holidays Update:
On a clear Wednesday(last week), Hansoo & I drove about two hours and forty-five minutes to see Rachel & Grace(his nieces, mine too, now!)perform in their church's Christmas program.Both girls sang(no need for songbooks, unlike many of the other children, these two had MEMORIZED all of the songs)both did some acting, and Rachel played the flute, too!
It was a lovely tribute to all the hard work their parents put in, both at home, and in their quaint community of Farragut(near Knoxville).
The Presbyterian Church is predominantly Korean, but all services(including this Christmas pageant, entitled "Stranger In The Manger")are in English.
It was compelling to hear the traditional hymns, sung in English(by most of us), and then, even moreso--- to hear different sounds
(at one point, I said to Hansoo,"I don't understand--am I saying the wrong words?" "No, Lis, the older people are singing in Korean.")in the same moment.
It was especially touching for me. I was a hard-core atheist until only a few years ago(late 2003/early 2004), when I felt moved to pray.

I respect everyone's faith/faith-free attitudes, as I have definitely "been there"...
I wish Richard Dawkins
("The God Delusion"--a strong book, but I criticize the "simplistic" nature of it--Dawkins has too much of an "us" vs. "them" mentality--ironically, the very thing that can be off-putting about overly zealous religious folks!)
could give us just ONE concession, though: Faith is NOT at odds with science!
It is "additional", not a choice of "fantasy" over "reality".I mean, most folks I know who believe in God, or "other", also fully embrace scientific achievements, and of course, believe fully in Evolution.
Darwin's Theory is FACT, people--the Theory of Gravity would never be questioned, and that's as it should be for all of life evolving, too!
I personally find science SUPPORTS a belief in the Transcendental, the Mysterious, and yes--God.

Back to these frenetic, but beloved holidays....I worry about not being "in the spirit" of the holidays, especially when I miss my sweet niece so very much.Breaz and I will get to visit in January(when she can actually get a couple of days "off" from her job), and I cannot wait!I want to get caught up on "life at 19", college, and all the excitement of her young, on-the-brink-of-full-adulthood-life!

It was lovely to see Omma K., and Oppa K.,(Hansoo's Mom and Dad, respectively), and his bro Arthur, and new love, Toni.
My Mom, Demetra joined us Christmas Eve, and we headed for Cho-Won, a great Korean buffet-restaurant in Duluth...
Mom and I did Christmas Midnight Mass just around the corner from my house, at the nearly-bigger-than-belief- St. Brigid's R.C. Church.Their choir was great, even if the incense was a bit thick!

I got to see Uncle Bud for a bit on Christmas Day, and Mom came back over here, that night, too...
My dear sis, Tina, hubby Tom, and my Dad joined Breaz in Florida, and I was sorry to not be able to be there.
Soon, though, soon!

Fun moments:
*Seeing Hansoo's face literaly light up at receiving "The Doggie-Driver", a ridiculous contraption which facilitates "driving" tennis balls for your dog!(He's been doing this sort of thing for our crazy Aussie, "Frisco", for years, using his old golf driver, but this instrument is really unique--a huge, phallic-like head, with equally large balls--hilarious!!I found it at that home-store-- Frontgate-- at Phipps' Plaza)
Too rainy yesterday, but maybe we can run downstairs today, and try hitting a few for "the Frisk".
What about our other dog, you ask?
"Louie" our Golden, has no idea he is a Retreiver, and so, will not fetch....
Both doggies have stockings they have not "opened"(translation: torn to pieces) yet. I , uh, I mean, Santa Claus, filled them with doggie-treats, chew-bones, and tug-toys!
I'll give "Louie" extra times to "run" on-leash, so he won't feel "neglected".
* Receiving a gorgeous framed blown-up-to-8"-by-10" photograph of our family, lakeside, at Tina & Tom's, after Breaz's high-school graduation.
I teared up, of course, remembering her walking so solemny down that aisle, and then irreverently, afterwards--outside the building, as there are apparently "rules" against doing so inside now-- tossing her cap in the air!
*Wearing my pretty "Bordeaux Tapestry Coat" by CAbi.
Hansoo got it for me, after I hosted a CAbi home party here, with pal Coral McGhee showing off her fashion wares, and fashion sense!
I'm planning another CAbi (Carol Anderson by invitation)party here, in February!
*Chowing down on an assortment of pan-jun(my spelling for Korean side-dishes of pickled veggies, hamool pan-jun(Korean thin-pancakes filled with onions, veggies, seafood, etc.), "Omma K.'s" chap-jae(Korean potato-flour-noodles with veggies), and "Korean breaded-Gulf-shrimp!!. Yum!
* My mom's famous fresh cooked crookneck squash with onions.Double yum!

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rl said...

Nice new look for your blog, and just in time for 2008! I also like the fact that you can link video directly into your blog. May be most people know how to do that already. Since I'm not very computer savvy...I'm really impressed!

I'm glad that you are so familiar with the various Korean dishes. I never know what to order when I go to a Korean restaurant. Now I know who I can ask to find out what's what.

Happy New Year!

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Rosa!
Thank you for commenting with all those compliments--big shout-out to CK(Collin Kelley) for the improvements!
I had posted video before, but it was much more time-consuming--this upgrade makes it much easier(if I can just each time HOW to do it--if not, I'll be e-mailing Coll, for a "refresher" course!)
Yes, I'm pretty familiar with Korean foods...I adore the veggie and seafood pancakes, and several other "meat"-free dishes.
We'll have to get a bunch of us Blog-lovers all together in one place, and go have Korean food!