Sunday, December 30, 2007

Saddest Moments for me in 2007:

Losing neighbor Bob Fritsch, February 14th, 2007 to pancreatic cancer.

Losing Halmeoni(Korean for Grandma)-- Up-Young Tae-- to Alzheimer's illness, and old age, June 14th, 2007.

Losing my deeply beloved Theya(Greek for Aunt--she was my Grand Aunt) Helen Hartley, August 14th, 2007, to congestive heart failure.

My Personal, Peace-Filled, Peaceful Moments of 2007:

*The LGBTQ Reading, "My Body Is A Candle Lit By Fire" at Actors' Express where we raised awareness of the plight of gays in Iraq and Iran.Cleo Creech and others read from our "Outside The Green Zone" chapbook.

*Lighting candles at both St. Jude The Apostle, and St. Brigid's Roman Catholic Churches. Candles lit for Peace, for Healing.

*Meditating daily for Peace for my family, for my Hansoo, for my friends, for my community, for the world.

*Romping with my furry babies, "Frisco" and "Louie".They remind me to live "in the moment."

*Beginning a program of doing a walk/run, every day.(After a break to recover from vertigo, I'm back "on track"!)

*Being present at the "Voices Carry " event at The Composition Gallery in September of this year. A wonderful tribute to the late, great Chante' Whitley-Head, by some of the best poets in the po-biz!

*Visiting with my family--all of-- my family-of-origin, in May, at niece Breaz's graduation!

*Beth Gylys' Book Release--I got to play "Bad Girl"!!

* The First Annual Atlanta LGBTQ Literary Festival, October.

*Poetry-At-Tech, just a few weeks ago--sensational work from Katie Chaple, Jon Goode, and Collin Kelley, courtesy of Tom Lux!

*Oh, and the wedding, too!Cold in February as it was!

Post your favorite peace moments here in the Comments!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, have alot of new work in the works. Great for you! I try not to make resolutions..but prayers out loud. Mine for 2008 are 1. To love myself a little more than I did in 2007' 2. To make my son more proud of me than last year...and 3. To marry the man I love in May and go to londo and Paris with him and his mother and father. It will be their first time. i love to see vacation destinations through the yes of virgins. Makes it exciting to me all over again.

I look for to seeing you perform more this year. If you would like I could give you help with your one-woman show. I have a Ba and MA in theatre and I have written at least two dramas for the past twenty years. Ran the nation's first black gay theatre for 18 years in new york. I am working on a one-man-show as well which will be a mixure of my poetry, essays and drama-comic monolgues. We could possibly exchange manuscripts. Let me know.

Much Love,

Reginald Naji-Allah

p.s. Blog is fantastic!!!

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Reginald!!
So delighted to hear from you!!
I'm so happy for You & Your Partner!!I am certain you'll make those dreams happen!

I would love your FEEDBACK on my one-woman "Show & Tell", Reginald, as it's not easy directing myself!
I knew you had a theatre background(I do, too!), but I was shy 'bout asking for help! THANK YOU!!!
I'd love to set a time to discuss, for Feburary!!!
And of course I'd LOVE to see what YOU'RE working on!!

Lisa Allender said...

Oh--I meant to respond to to the MOST IMPORTANT comment you made--and what a WONDERFUL prayer for the New Year--"To make my son more proud of me than last year."
What an inspiring thing to post!!