Wednesday, January 02, 2008

WORLD PEACE DAY was yesterday.
I was remiss in not reminding everyone, but the great thing about Peace is that you may ask for it, work for it, pray for it, live it, ANYtime.
One day is not enough to create Peace!
I took the Vow of Peace and Non-Violence yesterday at St. Jude the Apostle R.C. Church.
I took it last year, and believe it helped me remain calm when there was turbulence surrounding me, and kept me centered, and forgiving, when others were angry.It's not "magic"-- it requires thought, patience, and committment. But think about it:
if even a tenth of the World could take this Vow, imagine how much Peace could be generated...and just like Love, the more you give, the more it tends to keep giving...
You do NOT have to be a believer in any particular religion, to take the Vow.


RECOGNIZING THE VIOLENCE IN MY OWN HEART, yet trusting in the goodness and mercy of God, I vow for one year to practice the nonviolence of Jesus who taught us in the Sermon on the Mount:
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons and daughters of God...You have learned how it was said,
"You must love your neighbor and hate your enemy";
but I say to you, "Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you. In this way, you will be daughters and sons of your Creator in heaven."
Before God the Creator and the Sanctifying Spirit, I vow to carry out in my life the love and example of Jesus
*by striving for peace within myself and seeking to be a peacemaker in my daily life
* by accepting suffering rather than inflicting it
* by refusing to retaliate in the face of provocation and violence
* by persevering in nonviolence of tongue and heart
* by living conscientiously and simply so that I do not deprive others of the means to live
*by actively resisting evil and working nonviolently to abolish war and the causes of war from my own heart and from the face of the earth.
God, I trust in Your sustaining love and believe that just as You gave me the grace and desire to offer this, so You will also bestow abundant grace to fulfill it.

After reading and reflecting on the Vow of Nonviolence, people often commit themselves to trying to follow it daily for a year. If a group of people is committing to the vow, a ceremony can be planned. We invite all who take the vow to sign the following commitment statement and return it to us at Pax Christi USA, 532 West 8th Street, Erie, PA 16502 or at

I commit myself to living according to the Vow of Nonviolence for a one year period. Signature ___________________________________________________________ Name (Print) ________________________________________________________ Street ______________________________________________________________ City __________________________________ State ___________ Zip _________ Date _______________________________________________________________

Love Peace and Blessings for a great New Year, to All of you!!!


Momma Nature said...

Happy New Year little Sister!
Great blog. The world has yet to discover your great poetic talents as well as your wonderful heart towards bringing peace into your mind and spirit. As we both strive to bring about change in this world, I must declare: I AM GRATEFUL TO MOTHER FATHER GOD THAT I AM WALKING THIS EARTH AT THE SAME TIME AS YOU.

May this New Year be one of adventure, glory and gratitude. Looking forward to having you on my radio show "Women's World With Momma Nature" in a few weeks!
Momma Nature
Carole Madan

Lisa Allender said...

Ms. Carole, my "Big Sis", Hi there!!
Thanks for all the lavish praise--and for visiting My Blog--I hope you'll come again!
And hey, everybody--I'll be on the Sandy Springs Radio Network, on the show, "Women's World With Momma Nature" as a Featured guest in the noon slot, on January 24th!!!
More details soon!