Friday, December 14, 2007

To celebrate hope!
With this in mind, an update on The Death Penalty in the U.S.:
New Jersey has just voted to abolish it in their state!I cannot think of a more profound way to move in the direction of a civilized, peaceful society than this.
The people found guilty of the crime of murder will instead be confined to life in prison, with NO possibility of parole.

I think about all the qualities that are desirable in an individual--kindness, loyalty, truth-seeking, honesty, fairness, hard-working, creativity--and then I think, these qualities are the ones we MUST have in our organizations, our institutions, indeed, our government.
Surely the death penalty will melt away as we discover truth, and search for meaning and value in our lives.
We can have no real truth and beauty, in a society which constantly affirms killing as a "good" or "justified" value.

Here's to the meaning of the Season--Hope. Peace. Love. For all of us. We are all part of this Universe.

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