Sunday, December 16, 2007

A transformation of the SAG offices in Buckhead occured Friday evening.The lights, a shining Christmas tree, and candles abounded. A huge spread of food and treats and wine, along with the convivial spirit of the actors present, made for a swinging Holiday party.
I arrived with a camera I borrowed, a nifty digital that should've been easy to use.(and it was--most of the time--but, when it failed me, a kind fellow named Dave helped out by shooting the pictures I could not seem to get!)
I got some great shots of Prez Mike P., and his lovely wife, actress/make-up artist Jaye.
The centerpiece of the table was a model of the soon-to-be-built "Two Williams House", which will be an homage to the two Williams in the life of the much-beloved Annette Stillwell. The Habitat-For-Humanity Project will get underway in January. Many SAG members have already signed up to assist in the building and painting of the house, and/or feeding the crew.
Annette, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

I especially enjoyed catching up with Yolanda Asher, Paul Armbruster, and Thedra Porter. Allison was kind and encouraging to me--she is Executive Assistant to Executive Director Melissa Goodman(kudos to YOU, Melissa, for all the hard work in decorating the offices, and setting up this lovely event!)
Thank you, Dick Klinger, for the sound advice, too!
The evening wound down with Doug Kaye reading aloud his annual "Holiday Poem".
Once I get permission, I'll post the hilarious poem for all of you at my Blog...
If I am granted permission to let others access the photos from the party, I'll post those details at my blog, too!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, actors, and all others!

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