Monday, December 03, 2007

Well, yesterday was productive, fun, uplifting!
I attended the first meeting for next year's Atlanta's LGBTQ Literary Festival, and was delighted to see a diverse mix of orientation, and opinion!We are actively looking for LGBTQ people of color(African-American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic) to add to this diversity.
Franklin Abbott had us assemble at the lovely Ponce Library, which has hosted several GLBTQ Readings.
I was impressed by some of the suggestions(big shout-out to Megan Volpert, who was specific, and compelling in her enthusiasms) thrown around, and you can be sure that next year's Fest--it'll be in October, 2008--the specific weekend will be decided and announced in late January-- will be rockin'!!
Afterwards, I headed with Collin Kelley to EATS, a wonderful little place to catch a nice bowl of pasta, a plate of meat(their Jerk Chicken is wondrous!)-and-three, or veggies.
I opted for the cheese-filled spinach ravioli with marinara sauce.And a salad.And I got a brownie, which I polished off later, while watching fav show,"Dexter".
Collin Kelley continues to inspire me. I think we forget to thank the people who are supportive, but always careful in that support. I always know with Collin where I stand with him--in terms of my writing, my feelings, the feedback I need.
Others should know this guy will tell ya like he sees it--and you'll be the better for it!
(Special Note to Collin: I'm going to try to get a full night's(say, 6 hours or more!) sleep. Tonight. Thank you!)

It's a DREARY day here in the suburbs.The rain(which we still desperately need) is falling, the cold is colder than yesterday, and the wind is unrelenting.

I seem to have a sore throat, and had planned to trundle out to Working Title Playwright's' meeting tonight, but I won't if I don't feel better.
WTP is a marvelous organization, which helps new playwrights get their work honed, and HEARD. They have actors availabble to bring the work "to life".
I'll become more active soon, if they'll have me!
Stay inside where it's warm, kids, and drink some hot cocoa. I am.


Collin said...

I don't think I got more than two hours of sleep last night. Tossed and turned. You're rubbing off on me. lol

Lisa Allender said...

Oh, I AM sorry. But I don't really "toss and turn".I just don't go to bed.
Last night, however, I slept nearly 5 hours straight!
Maybe I just needed to say "I am not sleeping." to let it go, and let the sleeping begin.
What I miss most, is dreaming.I used to dream so much.I want my dreams.Back.

I just thought of something, as I'm typing this--geez, uh, wasn't there a character I read as, uh, was it in "The Dark Horse", Collin?Uh, was it the Mother, who "lost" her dreams?

Dustin said...

I can't wait for our January meeting!