Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hi kids!
If you tuned in to "Women's World With Momma Nature", you saw and heard Carole Madan-- aka Momma Nature-- interview me as her Featured Guest, and we discussed my projects, and my thoughts on a range of subjects I feel are important... Oh--and we had fun!Publicized our favorite people, including Collin Kelley-- and his posts about American Idol.
What'd you miss? Check out Radio Sandy Springs on Monday, to see and hear this archived show.
For now, here's a teaser:
I commented that performing acts of peace is sometimes difficult, but gets easier, with practice.
"Practice what you Peace."--quote from me, today, in emphasizing that Peace should not be just a noun, but used as a VERB...It's no wonder we have more war than Peace in the world. War gets used as a verb, which means action, whereas Peace gets relegated to noun status only.
So, let's see...
Go out and Peace today!Go Peace someone!

I spoke alot about my book--and read a few poems from it, discussed my one-woman shows, and other projects, too...and I was truly touched when Carole mentioned our recent loss of "Frisco"(our beloved Aussie).

To all those who've e-mailed, sent cards, flowers, GOD BLESS YOU for your extreme kindness and tenderness towards Hansoo and me.
And "Louie"(our loving Golden Retreiver) says Thank You, too.

LINKS for:
All Creatures Animal Hospital
Paws, Whiskers, and Wags Pet Crematory
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Radio Sandy Springs
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