Friday, January 25, 2008

Hi kids!
Today was the deadline to vote-- if you are a SAG member-- for the SAG Awards.I am a proud member of SAG, and wanted to share a tidbit or two with you...
In the television arena, I voted for "30 Rock" for Ensemble Comedy, Male(Alec Baldwin, you're a honey!) & Female Actor(Tina Fey, you're my Shero!) too!
Michael C. Hall is completely compelling as the murderous "Dexter", and he won with me for outstanding performance by a male actor in a drama series.
I voted again this year for Edie Falco in "The Sopranos", because she gets better every year.
I voted for "The Sopranos" for Ensemble Drama, too... What a shame that this peek into "family life" is gone from our tv's for good...

I honestly did not see EVERY piece of work nominated, so it was pretty difficult to be completely fair, but I tried.
I loved Amy Ryan in "Gone Baby Gone", so I cast my vote for her, even though she's got tremendous competition:Cate Blanchett("I'm Not There"), Ruby Dee("American Gangster),Catherine Keener(for "Into The Wild"),Tilda Swinton, ("Michael Clayton").
The dark film, "No Country For Old Men" won with me for several reasons--the acting in that film was strong, but nuanced, and the calibre of performances, over-all was just outstanding.
I made a copy of all my votes, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that my favorites WIN, on Sunday!
Be sure to catch the SAG Awards this Sunday night! Check your local listings!


Poet with a Day Job said...

Your picks look good. I'm still trying to get to the movies to see some of these.

Lisa Allender said...

Yeah, I know whatcha mean, PWADJ. Nowadays,I only get out to the movies about once or twice a month.