Monday, January 07, 2008

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I'm still dancing with glee that Obama is doing so well!!!
I truly want him to consider joining forces with John Edwards.They would be absolutely UNbeatable.John Edwards has the experience and scrappiness necessary--- given what the next President has to face after eight years of devastation:
*the biggest terrorist attack in U.S. history happened on this Administration's watch, and several attacks have been planned since then--in fact, the summer 2006 plan where a dozen U.S. commercial airplanes were just days away from being blown up over the Atlantic(from UK) was only thwarted by BRITISH intelligence, not ours!
* lying about other countries, in order to build support for a war which is/was unnecessary.
* our attack on a sovereign nation that NEVER ATTACKED US(that would be Iraq).
* the worst response in the history of the United States, to a natural disaster--very slow, and very ineffective, which cost hundreds of lives, and millions of dollars in damage, and left thousands-- both humans and their companion animals, homeless--some humans were left to die, others died of dehydration or starved, because of the incredibly slow response; and in the case of the animals--they were absolutely abandoned(their owners were given no choice!), because of poor planning/incompetence at the federal level.
While the President was warned, nearly TWO YEARS before the 2005 drowning of New Orleans, and funding was approved to ready the levees for a strong storm, the funds were RE-ALLOCATED--to guess where---"Homeland Security".Translation: the monies(nearly 80%)went directly to the Iraq War!
*fear, and war-mongering at an unprecedented level.
* allowing/condoning torture as a viable, and acceptable way to gain information(!)
* illegal wiretapping of U.S. citizens
*tremendous corruption in this Administration--I cannot even remember how many have been sentenced to prison, or resigned in disgrace.
*lying in this Administration, in regards to an FBI undercover agent(Valerie Plame I feel ya!), as well many other lies.
*a short-sighted, narrow view of the world, and our place in it, which has resulted in our reduced status in this world, and other countries(many former FRIENDLY ones!), distrusting us, and fearing us.)
by this Administration.
So, it's Edwards for Prez., Obama for V.P.......
Obama, after serving as v.p. for two terms, could easily win for President!
Nuff politics for now...

Last night, I lit a candle(two, actually) one for my pal Vim's family, and one for a colleague, Jay S., whose father has been ill with hip-surgery-recovery.
Here's to the fulfillment that comes from positive energy, prayer, and the gift of St. Jude(Patron Saint of hope).

I am readying myself to go to Florida to visit my lovely niece, Breaz!
More later, kids!


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