Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm really getting very excited about this. I'd predicted a Hawaii win, but was surprised he won Wisconsin so handily!I really think Texas is still Hillary-country, but Ohio may be up for grabs.Pennsylvania, hmmm, I dunno who carries more weight there.
Whoever secures the nomination, I certainly hope they give serious thought to their running-mate.In Hillary's case, she'll NEED Senator Obama--if he'd be willing to take a co-pilot position.But, like I said over two years ago, I really do not see Hillary getting the nomination.If Senator Obama is the nominee, I hope he'll consider Hillary(even though my personal "first pick" would be John Edwards), in order to keep the Democratic party pacified.
What are your thoughts, readers? A number of women have told me that they became convinced to vote Obama, after hearing my reasons for backing him.That's flattering to me, and I definitely believe Senator Barack Obama IS the best candidate...but I have a tiny voice inside that still wishes I could vote for a woman, too. What choices we have, in 2008. Never thought I'd live to see such progress, such beauty.

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