Saturday, February 02, 2008

I did not see a whole lot of difference in terms of opinions, and views, and actual PLANS between Obama, and Hillary....
that said, Obama is the one for me.He has, as I've repeated for almost two years now(even before he decided to run), NO ties to lobbyists money, and/or major corporations(Hillary unfortunately, definitely does have a lot she "owes" these kinds of folks).
Obama's momentum appears unstoppable.
And, I think he can actually WIN over John "Grandpa Munster" (thank you, Bill Maher!)McCain.
Hillary at the top of the Dems ticket would be a mistake, but I do think (if she'll actually accept the second-slot)vice-president would be okay with most folks.
Still wishing John Edwards had hung in there, for the second-slot, but those days I suppose, are gone(sigh).
I had been sending out info on Edwards, and had simultaneously signed up with Obama's campaign, a few months ago.
After Edwards dropped out, I signed on to do more campaigning for Obama, which begins for me, this weekend.

Other news:
REMEMBER: Wednesday, February 13th-- be there by 7:00 P.M., to ensure a good seat--Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, Judson ("The Sweet Everlasting")Mitcham, reading from his new collection of poems, and hey--yours truly, reading alongside this literary giant!
Come on out to hear the wonderful Judson Mitcham, and hear me read from my "Words From Water: Poems", too.
$5.00 for General Admission, and $3.00 for Students and Seniors.

REMEMBER: February 29th is the RELEASE-PARTY for Dustin Brookshire's LIMP WRIST Literary Magazine!!
BE AT OUTWRITE BOOKS that night, for all the excitement!!
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See you soon!


Collin said...

I'm supporting Obama, but it looks like Hillary is going to get the nom. It would be cool as hell if they would become the "dream ticket" and run together, but I doubt that will happen.

Lisa Allender said...

I agree that the two of them would be the coup of the CENTURY!!!
In the meantime, I'm hitting headquarters tomorrow--campaigning for Obama!

Dan said...

Ethel Kennedy, RFK's widow, backs Barack Obama

I heard a rumor that Rose Kennedy will be exhumed so she can support Obama too! Hillary will get the nomination because of her husband. - Dan