Monday, March 03, 2008


I should explain the extreme delay in posting about the marvelous evening Dustin Brookshire delivered last Thursday.The weekend has gone by, with my computer nearly completely crashing on Friday and Saturday(it sort-of-works, currently.I need a Mac. Desperately.), AND I became terribly ill as of Friday evening--fever, head cold, coughing, you-name-it. Ugh.I won't go on about this illness, but I get better.Soon.
Back to the wonderful reading last Thursday.
A few pieces to spotlight:
Laure Anne Bosselaar--my God, what vibrance in her eyes.Her words. Her subjects. It was even more compelling than I had imagined, hearing her in person....Ahhhh....
Collin Kelley and Dustin were in rare form, and a lovely thing named Genevieve Lyons(her eyes remind me of the gorgeous french actress who portrayed the sculptor, Camille Claudel, a couple of decades ago, on film--gosh, what is her name? Help me out, kids...)read Denise Duhamel's work.I became familiar with Denise Duhamel through Maureen Seaton, who I was extremely fortunate to have been paired up with, at Indiana University's Writers' Conference,, in Summer, 2004.Ms. Duhamel was a former writing partner of Ms. Seaton's.Wonderful work.
Stacey Boschma's dramatic poems were both red-hot, and chilling.
I was pleased to read some poems of Beth Gylys--especially the new piece which will be found in Limp Wrist!
I took notes while everyone read. Jotted down phrases I found interesting.Perhaps I'll devise a "found poem" from that evening, and post it, soon.
The turn-out was pretty grand, too.My pal Yolanda showed up, as did my new friend Rosa, and her sexy female friend.
Dustin had Jenny J. appetizers and cookies from Cousins' Baked Goods. I hope to have a LINK to both of them, soon!
Look for Limp Wrist Magazine to be on the net, within a week!


Collin said...

Isabel Adjani played Camillie Claudel.

Good write up. Feel better.

Lisa Allender said...

originalsylvie@bellsouth.netYes--Isabelle (spell?--I'm imagining it this way, but perhaps it's the other way)Adjani--whew! Just gorgeous. That Ms. Lyons the other night--her EYES!
I'm up, cannot sleep. Coughing. Yuck.

Dustin said...


Thanks for mentioning the LW launch party! I'm so glad you were part of the evening. Hope you enjoyed my new pieces!

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Dustin---yes--in fact, I'd like a copy of the pieces you read--oh wait! Won't some of your pieces appear in Limp Wrist? Please let me know when Limp Wrist is out on the net, and also--I'd love to have those LINKS to Cousins' Baked Goods, and Jenny J.'s.