Wednesday, March 05, 2008

While congratulations are certainly in order for Senator Clinton, I still believe she won't get the nomination.(long before Barack Obama announced his candidacy, I said it'd be very difficult for her to get the nomination. I also predicted that if she did, it would doom us to more years of Republican, George W.-inspired "leadership".Let's hope I'm wrong on that--just in case she somehow manages to secure the nomination.)
I think Barack Obama's continued focus on issues, NOT "scare tactics"(what's up with Hillary Clinton's ridiculous "It's 3 A.M. and the phone rings at the White House, who would you trust in answering that call?" commercial)will bode well for him. He manages to stay calm, cool, collected--highly unusual in these days of "in-your-face" politics, and he posseses a gentility the likes of which I've never witnessed--in politics, anyway.

Now, to answer Poet With A Day Job's tagging of me to do a Meme....
Here's the deal:
I must grab the book nearest me, turn to page 123, and then find the fifth sentence.Then, post it here in my blog. Then post the next three sentences.
Then, I must tag others to do the same. Here goes:

The book(stacked among many others here, in computer room)is:
"Bread Alone" by Judith Ryan Hendricks:
Page 123, 5th sentence:
When she finds out I've been gainfully employed for a week, she wants to know why I haven't gotten a Washington license yet.

I smile pleasantly. "Because I don't have a car." She says I need to get a state photo ID card.

I tag:
Franklin Abbott, Bai Ling, Sandra Beasley at chicks dig poetry, Louise Runyon, and Anne Haines of Land Mammal.


betmo said...

without getting too horribly political here- you hit it right on the head. i would love to have a woman president, but i don't think we have to pick hillary clinton simply because she is a woman. just as i am horribly disappointed in nancy pelosi as speaker of the house. she certainly isn't speaking for me. i am just taking a deep breath and being thankful that dennis k. won his primary in ohio- and will be back in the house (hopefully) to continue to lead with integrity.

KATE EVANS said...

That's 4 sentences, but who's counting. :)

I agree with your assessment of Clinton & Obama... although lately I've been having nightmares about President "Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran" McCain.

Collin said...

I think we have to prepare for things between Obama and Clinton to get nastier before the convention. As I said on my blog, Obama (who I voted for in the Georgia primary) blew it the last couple of weeks. Hillary handed him his ass last night and he better be prepared to fight.

Lisa Allender said...

betmo--welcome back!
You are spot-on about Nancy Pelosi(I'm sooo disappointed in her(setting aside the move to impeach Cheney when we all know that shoulda been done long. long ago...)
I'd like to see a woman Prez in my lifetime, but right now, we need someone who can WIN over McCain. I don't think Hillary can do that(sigh).
kate--the first sentence is the first part I must write down,then part two is: the next three are what I have to write down.(4 sentences altogether)
collin--I hope Obama does not respond to Hillary with similar tactics.It will disappoint me, if he lets his campaign go "negative".sigh.
Hillary hinted earlier that both of them could be on the ticket.That'd work for me, but I'm not so sure Obama would choose her as his V.P.(John Edwards still has not endorsed either Hillary or Barack--methinks he's gunnin' for V.P. or at least a cabinet spot)...
If SHE gets the nomination, she'll really HAVE to offer it to Barack, but if he's smart, he'll decline. If she won, and something goes sour during the next four years, it would mean he'd forever be associated with that failed Administration. Gee, that's a really negative-scenario. Sorry, kids.