Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Begin The Peace Process, At Home.
What do you do when all your efforts towards Peace, consistently fail?
I'm not talking about the efforts towards Peace in this country, and for the world, I'm talking about the efforts we as individuals make, in our own families, towards Peace, towards harmony. It often feels as if no matter what I do, it's hopeless. And I'm a big believer in hope.
I wish I could be more specific in this forum, but suffice it to say I am, at this point in my life, incredibly hurt and confused over how to address a painful, ongoing situation.
Anyone who's met me would describe me as high-energy. Probably kind, funny, creative, fun. I also like time alone(to write!), though I much prefer time with family and friends to solitude...But high-energy is not high-strung. There is an individual--an important one--in my life, who is consistently high-strung, and rage-filled. And this, kids, is devastating. It will rip apart any closeness or intimacy or even kindness you may feel for the person who is raging. And it will affect you physically, as it has me.
I suppose there are "appropriate" and 'inappropriate" items of interest to highlight in one's blog, but in this case, I'm uncertain where to draw the line--what's "okay" to blog about, what is not, so I have decided I'll continue to post in the only way I know how--heartbreakingly honestly....
Any of you who know me well, can probably guess who/what I am referring to, as you've seen evidence of this, er, um, "situation" for yourselves, at various events, get-togethers, etc...
The truly upsetting part of this puzzle is how an individual can go from generous and soft-spoken to hard, mean, and screaming, in a matter of seconds, with NO provocation whatsoever. Sigh.
For now, I'll pray. There's faith, and for now, there's hope. For now.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa,
Saw your blog and the memories started flowing about O.L.P.H. and Apollo Beach. Don't know if you remember me but, it looks like we have been living near each other for at least the past ten years. Continued success in all that you do. M. Vargo (married now though)

Lisa Allender said...

MARY VARGO?????????!!!!!!
Please stay-in-touch; of course I'd love to see ya, so lemme know where, when, etc.!
You can easily contact me through my website:
btw, I got married just last year. Feel free to read some of my "older posts" here at my blog, to see what I've been up to!

Selma said...

Awww, that's great you two can get back in touch.

But regarding the peace situation - I know exactly what you're saying. One of my family members is like that. I keep telling myself it's more about them than me but it gets very upsetting after a while. Hang in there and tell them how their behaviour makes you feel. It's important. Take care.