Saturday, July 05, 2008

Yesterday, I attended Wordsmiths' Books' day-long poetry reading, and heard a lot of music, as well as poetry!
Aoki challenged my notions of what it is to be transgendered. She is a "pre-op" Trans, and very beautiful, with a lovely singing voice, and a wicked, edg-y sense of humor(and self!)
I'll provide a link to Aoki, later today.
Collin Kelley was once again the star of the show, as the grand finale' in the poetry line-up. Beautiful Decatur Square bustled with people of all types, and the fireworks display afterwards was pretty amazing--Decatur is wondrous, because it manages to be like a small town in all the ways that are positive(sense of community, uplifting environment, care for their neighborhoods), and it manages to be as diverse as a big-city, with all the cultural options of a big city, too!
More on PRIDE, later today!
Peace, kids.

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Collin said...

Thanks for coming out and bringing Gigi, Coral and your mom. It was fun hanging out at dinner and the fireworks!