Monday, August 25, 2008

OBAMA AND BIDEN!!!!!!!!! I took a couple of days to sorta "digest" this pairing, and here's what I've decided:
* Obama wants to pick up votes in Pennsylvania, which he'll definitely do(though he may not win that state, but it'll be closer), since Joe Biden originally hails from there.
* Blue-collar,working-class voters wil identify with Biden, as those are also his roots.
* Roman Catholics will increasingly consider Obama, as Senator Biden is a devout, beloved Catholic(though not without his critics--he supports Roe v. Wade). Most younger Catholics would have a problem supporting McCain's war-mongering stances.
* He's chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee, and has 35 years in Senate. So he's knowledgeable about foreign affairs(something Obama is perceived as being short on), and very experienced.
I still wish he'd selected one General Wesley Clark--I think that would've been a slam-dunk.
But I'm campaigning for Senator Obama, and if he believes Joe Biden can help carry this ticket, then, let's GO!!!!
Famous quote of Biden's, which I love:
"If anyone ever tries to say I'm not religious enough, I'll shove my rosary beads down their throat."
What do YOU think?
Go, Obama!!
Peace, kids.


DeadMule said...

Hi Lisa, I'm for Obama, too. I wish he'd picked Hillary Clinton but don't think his VP choice all that big a deal. I say, Go Obama!!!

Lisa Allender said...

Hi there! We'll see what happens from here on out, but I feel Obama can win, and win by a large majority, if we all stay on a POSITIVE message. I hate all the negative campaigning that goes on!

Lydia said...

Lisa, I couldn't be more celebratory about this pairing. I supported Biden back in 1988. When he ran in the primaries this time he was my man, and I donated to his campaign. I was devastated when the country didn't see what I see in him and he dropped out. At that point I began telling everyone I know (including Biden's website) that he should be the VP choice. I'm thrilled it turned out this way.

Lisa Allender said...

I'm becoming very excited about this. Again, I love that Obama went with "old white guy", because I believe on a basic, somewhat crude level, we NEED more of that vote(r), that is--old white guys.
And after hearing Biden speak several times now, and learning more about him, I think this is STELLAR pairing!(More good judgement on the part of our Senator Obama--take THAT, Republicans!!)