Friday, August 22, 2008

If you haven't checked out:
go there right now, oh my fellow-bloggers and readers, and check out their newest feature--where salon asks the "most intelligent readers and writers on the internet" to write their own headlines, and opinions--in blogs they create at a space called:
Open Salon.
I've already posted there (I always use my name: Lisa Allender) and have also commented on several blogs.
The writing over there is funny and fresh and very very hot! Politics, and the Arts and Pop Culture of course--and I suppose I should not be surprised--a lot of blogs with headlines containing the words "sex" or "porn"-- are labeled the "Most Read".
Be sure to check Open Salon and my blog there, out!
Peace, kids.

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Selma said...

I shall check it out very soon. Thanks for the link.