Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's sad to have to report these two stories, but the first one is absolutely devastating, and we need to take this in, and think about surrounding the Obama family with love, and to always, always, keep Senator Obama and his family in our thoughts and prayers.
Here's that lead story from the AP:
Police investigate possible plot to kill Obama at Invesco
by Judi Villa and April M. Washington

Authorities are investigating a possible assassination plot against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.
At least four people have been arrested in connection with a possible plot to kill Obama at his Thursday night acceptance speech at Invesco Field at Mile High, according to CBS4 News. The suspects are being held on either drug or weapons charges.
Aurora police arrested a longtime drug user Sunday afternoon during a routine traffic stop where the man was seen "weaving," sources said. Three possible other accomplices also were arrested, according to police.
Police found four weapons, including two rifles and two handguns, in a rented pickup.
That arrest then led authorities to a second man staying at the Cherry Creek Hotel at 600 South Colorado Blvd in Glendale. When authorities knocked on the man's door, they say he jumped out of his sixth floor window, landing on an awning and running from the scene. They say they soon found him with a broken ankle. He too was arrested.
CBS4 reported one of the suspects told authorities they were "going to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using a ... rifle … sighted at 750 yards."
Law-enforcement sources told CBS4 that one of the suspects "was directly asked if they had come to Denver to kill Obama. He responded in the affirmative."
One of the suspects has been identified as 28-year-old Tharin Gartrell.
Police found a rifle in the man's rented pickup and methamphetamine. The man allegedly made comments about Sen. Obama, but sources wouldn't say what they were.
It was enough, however, to make police believe the man might have been plotting to somehow harm Obama.
A second source told CBS4 News that they are concerned they may have come upon a possible "assasination plot."
The Secret Service, ATF and U.S. Attorney's Office are investigating.
Brian Maass of CBS4 News contributed to this report.
Okay, kids, the other story which has begun circulating, is one I "sat on" since learned about it on August 18th, in a letter written to, and then posted at salon.com.
The respected conservative writer and columnist Thomas Sowell is the one who wrote the letter, and he also penned "Race and Culture", and I read that book , years ago, at the request of a then-boyfriend, and while reading it, I was deeply offended--I assumed the writer was racist(and thought perhaps my now-ex-beau, could be as well) against people of color, especially blacks, until I learned Thomas Sowell is a Black American himself!
So, I'll provide you with the link to read why he believes Senator Obama does not meet the "requirements" to run for President. I had not wanted to post on this, fearing by doing so, I would inadvertently "fuel" the controversy, but it's necessary in order to finally shut the door on this.
Here's that letter, posted in response to salon editor Joan Walsh's piece entitled "Are We Now Officially A Christian Nation?" which she posted at her salon blog in response to the televised Saddleback interviews by Pastor Rick Warren of Obama and McCain.
Is this a bomb waiting to explode??
It seems that Barack Obama is not qualified to be president after all,
for the following reason:
Barack Obama is not legally a U.S. natural-born citizen according to
the law on the books at the time of his birth, which falls between
'December 24, 1952 to November 13, 1986'.
Presidential office requires a natural-born citizen if the child was not born to two U.S. citizen parents, which of course is what exempts John McCain though he was born in the Panama Canal . US Law very clearly stipulates: '.If only one parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.' Barack Obama's father was not a U.S. citizen and Obama's mother was only 18 when Obama was born, which means though she had been a U.S. citizen for 10 years, (or
citizen perhaps because of Hawaii being a territory) the mother fails
the test for being so for at least 5 years **prior to** Barack Obama's
birth, but *after* age 16. It doesn't matter *after*. In essence, she
was not old enough to qualify her son for automatic U.S. citizenship.
At most, there were only 2 years elapsed since his mother turned 16 at
the time of Barack Obama's birth when she was 18 in Hawaii. His mother
would have needed to have been 16+5= 21 years old, at the time of
Barack Obama's birth for him to have been a natural-born citizen. As
aforementioned, she was a young college student at the time and was
not. Barack Obama was already 3 years old at that time his mother would
have needed to have waited to have him as the only U.S. Citizen parent.
Obama instead should have been naturalized, but even then, that would
still disqualify him from holding the office.
*** Naturalized citizens are ineligible to hold the office of President. *** Though Barack Obama was sent back to Hawaii at age 10, all
the other info does not matter because his mother is the one who needed
to have been a U.S. citizen for 10 years prior to his birth on August
4, 1961, with 5 of those years being after age 16. Further, Obama may
have had to have remained in the country for some time to protect any
citizenship he would have had, rather than living in Indonesia. Now you
can see why Obama's aides stopped his speech about how we technically
have more than 50 states, because it would have led to this discovery.
This is very clear cut and a blaring violation of U.S. election law. I
think the Gov. of California would be very interested in knowing this.
If Obama were elected President without being a natural-born U.S.
citizen, and it would set precedence. Stay tuned to your TV sets
because I suspect some of this information will be leaking through over
the next several days.
Thomas Sowell
Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow
The Hoover Institution
Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305

Well. There are also laws on the books here in the USA which pertain to "the public good", and since Senator Obama has served, been elected, held public office, and has won his party's nomination by a majority, the "benefit of public good" can be invoked, so I don't think Mr. Sowell's argument--however technically accurate(and we DON'T know that this is completely accurate, all we have are Mr. Sowell's thoughts on this)--can stand.
I felt it important to post on this, because "Knowledge is Power". I'm certain the far-right will do whatever they can to attempt to destroy Senator Obama's run. Let's make certain they do not succeed!
Peace, kids.


Brrrooom! said...

You might want to check your sources - the Thomas Sowell "Obama is not a Citizen" is a known internet hoax from back in June... Sowell never said such nonsense. Hawaii was a state when Obama was born, just FYI, and had been for two years... just mentioning this so you won't look silly ;)

Obviously feel free to check that out, but http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/o/obama-birth.htm has a good discussion of the hoax.

Lydia said...

If the Sowell thing is a hoax I'm glad for it and will be ready with confirmation by snopes, urban legends, or truthorfiction when I see it again.
But the AP article, unfortunately, is not a hoax. When my husband told me he'd heard it on the radio during his commute I cringed. Yes, Lisa, you are so right that our protective prayers must be there for Obama and his family (the Bidens too). Something like that cannot, CANNOT, happen here, not again, not ever again.

betmo said...

oh for heaven's sake! they apparently don't realize how the internet works. people who believe this 'crap' aren't the ones who would vote obama anyway. this is desperate and sad.

Lisa Allender said...

To All who wrote--this DID run on radio and tv, and IS confirmed as "true" at several outlets. The article I copy-n-pasted ran at salon.com which is quite legitimate. They confirmed the author is indeed Thomas Sowell.
To Brrrooom, I merely pasted the article in its entirety--I am not responsible for any errors, I posted it to raise AWARENESS of whatever was trying to be accomplished:an attempt to prevent Senator Obama from running and WINNING the Presidency(and uh, hey--good luck, cynics, with that. Obama will win, and I believe he'll win in a HUGE way!).And I certainly know Hawaii's been a state for quite some time now.

Brrrooom! said...

Even if you decide to ignore the fact that the "Sowell letter" has already been thoroughly debunked as a hoax, I would think that a "writer" (which you claim to be in this blog) would be able to note how riddled with grammatical errors the "Sowell letter" is, and surmise from there that it cannot possibly be authored by an educated (and Sowell IS educated) man. Of course if you REALLY want to prove your points with misinformation... well, that's been a useful strategy for millenia.

Lisa Allender said...

Brrrooom, I referenced Thomas Sowell as a respected conservative, and author. I have never denigrated his education.
Did you have a point? In future, if you actually can PROVE something, feel free to post it.I hope I don't have to prevent you from posting--I'm afraid this is not commenting, it's harrassment.