Saturday, November 29, 2008

For those of you outside the USA, please know we take our "Thanksgiving" pretty seriously. To wit:
I was able to visit my sis-Tina, her hubby-Tom, and my Mom-Demetra, at their home, and we celebrated early with Tom & Tina's party that I've dubbed the "Fabulous Fry"( a reference to the many deep-fried turkeys that Tom & his neighbors cook).Our Dad-John, and my niece-Breaz, joined us. It was great to see Breaz, my first niece, and a hard-working, very talented, bright gal--her grades have been great, and her interests are expanding as she finishes college(she'll graduate next June!).'Nuff of my bragging on my niece!
Also incredible to get to bond with Mom, who I miss terribly since she moved away from Atlanta, this past July.(sigh).
Dad regaled me with stories as we watched "The Honeymooners"(that old Jackie Gleason show--thank you, Mom, for letting us know it was on t.v.!!)
The food--everything from Tina's famous "Corn Casserole" to classic stuffing with onions, apples and celery to mini-muffin-pineapple-upside-down cakes(like luscious tiny cupcakes--complete with glazed pineapple, and cherry! yummy!!), and mini-pumpkin cupcakes with buttercream icing, was amazing!! And the company? Delightful! Everyone from Tom's co-workers to Tina's clients(she is THE marketing manager for a large family-entertainment complex!) and neighbors, as well as our family members, were all there!
The day began well before daylight for poor Tina, who managed the big weekend exceptionally well. Great time, and something I'm looking forward to participating in, every year, from now on! THANK YOU, TINA & TOM!!
This week, it was time for what I call "Little Korea"(I say this with great affection, and good humor), as I am surrounded by cute, tiny people who all speak fluent Korean(I'm learning Korean, bit-by-bit!). This year, we did not hold Thanksgiving here at our home, but instead went to Knoxville, to our host's house(Hansoo's older bro, Young-Soo)to see the nieces, Rachel & Grace, and Young-Ae, his lovely wife. Youngest bro, Arthur, and beautiful fiancee' Toni arrived, with Richard & Kathy(her step-dad and her mom) and we had an exceptional Korean-style meal of kalbee:Korean beef short ribs(sometimes spelled "kalbi", or "galbee"), kimchee, fried-fish cakes, rice, Korean dumplings, kim, assorted pan-jun(assorted pickled vegetables--a Korean "staple" with all meals...It is similar to the small-plate Spanish "tapas" or Greek "mezes"). There was a new casserole made of shrimp and scallops and crab, and traditional items(green-bean casserole, mashed potatoes, turkey, etc.). Yummy!
I engaged in a lively political discussion with the very informed, moderate-leaning, and reasonable Richard. I correctly guessed he had a Master's in Education-it's easy to spot an intellectual--a true one asks more questions than she/he can easily answer.(My definition of the difference between an "academic" and an "intellectual": the academic believes she/he is correct; the intellectual doubts ANYone is!) It felt good to have this bit of political banter(we both deeply dislike George W., but neither of us feels he's the problem, we both blame Dick Cheney, Donald(remember him?) Rumsfeld, et al, etc.), and once we all quieted down, we were treated to wonderful music from both girls. Grace, on piano. Rachel, on flute, and piano. Both girls are beautiful, talented, extremely intelligent.
So proud of both of them!

Last night, on the phone, as I discussed issues with a dear friend, I asked him if he meditates, or prays. There was a pause and a "Weeelll..."
I quickly jumped in and said "That's okay...."
I went on to say how I was an atheist/non-theist for nearly 18 years, before I returned to a sense of faith, and I am grateful to have gone through what I did, because it's what got me here, now.
I think this fellow is quite spiritual, even though he does not realize it(and probably would refrain from using "spiritual") and it occured to me that every time he writes(he's primarily a poet,though he writes prose, too),it is a form of prayer.
I'll quote wonderful peace activist, Fr. Bob Cushing, who years ago, during our Pax Christi Day Of Peace and Reconciliation, said "When I write, I think of it as 'praying on paper'. "

Kids, I think all writers can do that--when we write, we are 'praying on paper', and hoping someone hears us. In my case, I have a loving God/Universe I truly believe in. For many writers, there is no God, but they write their thoughts, their desires, their fears, and they hope for--what? A miracle? No, but they do want to be HEARD. And perhaps, they want a bit of that "communion" I speak of so often. That connection with someone else, maybe a few someone elses', and in attaining that, they feel, "redeemed".
We writers, actors, poets, artists, have so much for which to be thankful.I am grateful to found mediums in which I may express myself, and the icing really is, that sometimes, people listen, and respond!
Have a beautiful Saturday & Sunday!

Peace, kids.


Lydia said...

What an interesting and joyous post! I loved it.

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Lydia--Thank you!!
Peace, woman!

Anonymous said...

You always have the best meals. I've never had deep-fried turkey but it sounds gorgeous. And the Korean food sounds glorious. So glad you got the chance to catch up with loved ones. Sounds like you were busy!

Lisa Allender said...

Selma--Thank you for the sweet words on our meals. We DO know how to eat!(It's very "Southern" to have huge meals, but then you add in that I'm half-Greek, and we love to cook & eat, and I also love to bake, and then you add in the "eating culture" of the Koreans(reference: The Koreans, a marvelous book on this often-overlooked culture)and you'll wind up with some fun meals!
I WAS busy, and am now resting, readying myself for surgery, next week!
Hope your week was great, too!