Sunday, November 30, 2008


The first new website you need to know about is one you must click on, immediately. Why? Because as soon as you click the purple button, you have provided food for homeless dogs and cats in shelters and sanctuaries. As soon as you click! It's FREE, it's EASY, it HELPS ANIMALS!
Here's the address:

A great site for great gifts, or just to feel healthier/better/more relaxed/more joyful, this Season:
Be sure to say Judy Spooner(a dear pal of mine) of Georgia sent you!Her member number you may use when you order:
If you're in Australia, or New Zealand--you're in luck, Young Living Essential Oils has just opened up in this market, if you are interested in this wonderful company! I truly believe in their products, which have already helped me tremendously!

Peace, kids.


Lydia said...

Thanks for this reminder. For years I clicked daily on that one and The Rainforest Site (saves sq. ft of rainforest each time you click). I signed up for them to send me a daily (weekday) reminder which was great because I'd click on the link in the email and it was done. Then I got dropped, the emails stopped and I got lazy and haven't pursued it. But now I will.

Brrrooom! said...

As usual, I do my research... I wish everyone did. The site you mentioned is actually owned by a for-profit company called Homeline Publications, through a subsidiary named CharityUSA. CharityUSA is *not* a charity, it is a *registered fundraiser*, meaning it has to give 17% of the money it raises to actual charities... naturally, it gives the minimum amount, 17%. Homeline Publications runs the following sites through its "registered fundraising":

Child Health Site, The
Gear That Gives
Animal Rescue Site, The
Breast Cancer Site, The
GreaterGood Network
Hunger Site, The
Literacy Site, The
Rainforest Site, The

Among others. In 2006 these sites collected $4.8 million, of which they donated the minimum amount by law (17%, or $0.8 million) to these charities... the other FOUR MILLION DOLLARS lines the pockets of what basically amounts to scam artists.

They've been doing this for years, and actually are well-documented, but of course hardly anyone actually checks into things they donate too - it's so hard to "google", after all - that they continue laughing all the way to the bank.

Instead of being lazy and clicking scam links, why not actually contribute to a real non-profit that does good work. "Boys and Girls Clubs of America" is my favorite - great organization.

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Lydia--Thank you for your support.
Brrrooom--Thank you for the additional info, but I hardly think that because a site donates, but also makes money, it should be considered a "scam". The beauty of a site like The Animal Rescue Site I referenced, is that all it takes is a "click", to make a difference. And, they actually provide for ALL animals, not merely cats & dogs--I neglected to mention that in my original post.
Of course Boys & Girls' Clubs is a fine operation(I was a member--I learned to play tennis, and ping-pong there,after-school-hours, when I attended parochial school in an inner-city, poor neighborhood as a child. I was raised in a rural area, but attended school in a predominantly very poor, underserved minority(Black American and Cuban)community.
I'd have to discover whether they(Boys and Girls Clubs of America) actively support programs for LGBT youth(these kids are more "at-risk" than many others, on account of bullying, fear/difficulty in "coming-out", social acceptance, etc..) If so, they have my support. A great organization that benefits all kids, is The Gay-Straight Alliance, available at many schools across the country. I have had the pleasure of working directly with them, and will again, soon.

Brrrooom! said...

Are we on the same planet? When 83% of the donation goes to "administrative expenses", it's a scam!

Lisa Allender said...

I guess we are, BrrrooomIf NO MONEY is exchanged(you click on a button, and free food is supplied to animals and sanctuaries), then it's NOT a "scam".
It cost me nothing but one second of my time, and they DO provide food when you do that.That's all I asked anyone to do, to click on a button that provides food to animals.
PETA and The Humane Society both provide links to this button.