Monday, January 19, 2009


It's almost here. Today, we all celebrate what would be the 80th Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr....What am I doing today? I'm meditating, and praying for a several hours today, for world peace, and for personal guidance--in how I may better serve that goal, in some way, in this small part of the world.
Tomorrow, a part of Dr. King's Dream will be realized. A man will become President of the United States, based on his own qualities, and "the content of [his] character", and we, the United States, will be better, stronger, braver, wiser for having this intellectual, calm, and focused man as our new President.
I truly believe we will be able to meet the many challenges ahead with this exciting, new leader at the helm. God Bless President Barack Obama.
Question this week:
What would you like to see put on President Obama's agenda?
As a petition that is currently being circulated suggests, a position for a Secretary of the Arts should be created, and someone named to this post within the next few months.
I personally believe the Arts could be better served, and the Arts would be able to serve us all better, with official acknowledgement from the President/The Cabinet.
One idea I think would be potentially enormous, is an idea I've had in mind for some years now:
How about an Arts Festival--an International one--which the USA could host, say, every four years, which would provide a venue for all countries to showcase their artists--dancers, actors, musicians, sculptors, playwrights, authors, poets, painters, etc....It would provide an immediate platform of understanding which is universal, as the Arts are universal.We could have persons available to translate language, too. I think it would be very healing, and would provide the USA with a chance to show we value artistic expression as much as athletic competition. Come to think of it, this might be the natural result of all this praying and meditating for peace. After all, the Arts ultimately lead to more understanding of the human condition. And with understanding? Peace.
Peace, kids.


Collin Kelley said...

It's a very exciting time. If only Rick Warren weren't at Ebenezer Church and the inauguration, it would be damn near perfect.

Lisa Allender said...

I hear you--as for the Inauguration, you have heard there'll be another minister(who is pro-LGBT unions)who'll be speaking, too, yes? Really.

DeadMule said...

Exciting times. We are ALL Americans together, including Rick Warren (though he's not one of my favorite people). Peace. Love, Helen

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Helen--A friend who's ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE told me how thrilled she is that Rick Warren is invited to speak, and she said she believes it will "bless Obama's Presidency". If that's how folks who DID NOT vote for Obama will view it, perhaps Obama has even more insight and political savvy than we knew. I know he believes the "common ground" we share with Rick Warren is concern over AIDS, poverty, and the environment(on all those issues--and climate -change, too, Rick Warren has promoted a sense of "responsible stewardship" to his flock, and these are issues not usually addressed by Evangelicals).Peace to you, honey!

DeadMule said...

Lisa, Take a look at my Inauguration Poem
on You Tube

and on my blog

Best, Helen

Selma said...

I firmly believe there is now the chance that peace will come in our lifetime. At the Mid-Atlantic Ball, Obama has just said :'Let's go change America.' I hope the other world leaders join him to make it a global change!

Lisa Allender said...

Helen--I've not posted about the Inauguration yet, but soon as I do, I'm hopping out to all my fav blogs, to catch up with:You, Collin Kelley, Selma in the City, Poet With A Day Job, etc., etc...
Thank you, and I look forward to reading your poem!
Selma--Thank you for being such a supportive Aussie--for keeping the faith (and HOPE!!) alive!