Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lydia's words, from her blog, Writerquake.

Hi kids, I wanted to post a bit more about Lydia of the blog, Writerquake. The more I learn about her, and her favorite blogs, places to visit, etc., the more I like and admire her. Intellectual, adventurous, with eclectic taste, and an appreciation for the absurd(do check out her latest update on impeached-Gov.Blagojevich!), you'll enjoy Lydia(now located in Oregon) as much as I do.
Here's her blog-address, below, and what she wrote recently, regarding her Kreativ Blogger Award announcements:

Owen @ Helping our Planet's Endangered Species: She is a 14-year-old girl whose mother helps run the blog that supports HOPES (Helping our Planet's Endangered Species), which Owen created to raise awareness and money for the cause. She is a sensitive artist who creates drawings of the animals she is trying to save and auctions them on ebay. All donations go to WWF, the World Wildlife Fund.

Deena Stryker @ Other Jones-Journal: What a mind! and she's expanding mine. Her brilliance as a writer/political observer/journalist cannot be overstated.

Honour @ The Art of Practice: Read her magnificent poem, Blogging, and have an "ah-ha" moment that will introduce you to this dear heart.

Lisa Allender Writes: ...and acts, and publishes, and advocates, and is basically the energizer bunny rolled up in a peace sign (when she's not recuperating from major surgery).

Robin @ a little bird told me,: She's had an amazing year and all signs indicate a remarkable life ahead for this special artist/photographer/writer/philosopher.

Elizabeth @ retinal perspectives: She is "a thirtysomething girl who is slowly finding her place in the world" and what a truly beautiful way she has of sharing it with us.
I feel honored to be included among such proactive, accomplished women. Thank you again, Lydia--and thank you to all who read Lisa Allender Writes, and provide me with feedback via the "Comments" section.

My answer to the question I posed, the other day:
First, I'd take a deep breath, and be GRATEFUL--what a great long life I've already had, with love and experiences and travel and fun that many others never get to have....Next, I'd go visit, and have long discussions with the family members I love, and miss every day. And I'd have a long discussion with one "extended" family member who has long abused our trust as a family. Next, I'd buy a lot of really fine, Belgian chocolate and then I'd share it with a few trusted, glorious friends(male and female; I've known some of my dear friends for twenty-plus years.) and I'd be sure to go again to Indiana with Daddy, and take beloved Aunt Carolyn along. I'd go to Greece(I'm half-Greek), most hopefully, with my Mom, sis and niece, by my side.
And I'd bake a gazillion cupcakes, see some great theatre(and maybe leap onstage at an Improv event or two), and go see Malibu(my fav part of Los Angeles) again, too.
The question?
"What would you be certain to do, if you discovered you had only weeks to live?"
Peace, kids.


Collin Kelley said...

Highly deserved! Congrats!

Lydia said...

You're so cool, Lisa! Thanks for your special words about me and my blog, and for including the info about the other women I mentioned in the award post.
(I just visited Owen's blog and she has a new drawing - this one is a black rat - on auction. What a great kid!)

Continue healing and have a great week.

Lisa Allender said...

Collin--Thank you for your support!
Lydia--Thank you again! Owen IS cool!