Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lydia of Writerquake gives Lisa Allender Writes a Kreativ Blogger Award!!!!!!

How joyous is this!
With many thanks to Lydia of the blog, Writerquake, I awoke today to discover I've been awarded a "Kreativ" !! These are well-known in the Blogosphere, and I'm excited, and truly touched, that Lydia (who blogs from Reno, Nevada, and I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting her)saw fit to place one with me!! I'll wear the Kreativ Blogger Award at this site, proudly!!
I'm up (somewhat) and feeling better, but not at my usual energy. Yet. Just give me a few more weeks, and I'll be buzzing about, experimenting with new food combinations(read: recipes containing nuts, seeds, berries), and attending events(upcoming: work on the committee for the third-annual AQLF(Atlanta Queer Literary Festival), coming up this November(4th-6th), finishing work on two written projects, and creating proposals for a home-based business(my cupcake company--I'm trademarking the name next week--'til then it's a secret!!!), and a film-project.
Be sure to check out the list of new links I am adding later today, including the other Kreativ Blogger Award winners, as designated by Lydia of Writerquake.
Link to her site:
Question of the day:
What's the one thing you'd be certain to do, if you discovered you had only weeks to live?(this question inspired by the Barbara Walters' Special/Patrick Swayze interview I watched last night).
Peace, kids.


fus said...

Full Interview of Patrick Swayze and Barbara Walters!
watch full interview
Highly recommended!

Lisa Allender said...

Fus, I cannot access this video. Hope you're not spam-ming me.

Selma said...

Congrats on the award, Lisa. Hope your health is continuing to improve. XXXX

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Yay, congrats to you! And I just want to post a correction about Lydia's location.....she used to live in Reno, but is now in Oregon.

Glad to "meet" you :o)

Lisa Allender said...

Selma--THANK YOU!!I'm feeling a bit better, every day!
Wayfaring Wanderer--Hi! Thanks for the well wishes, and the correction on Lydia's location.

Lydia said...

Wayfaring Wanderer took care of my location, so.... :)
now what would I do for sure if I knew I had only two weeks to live (I missed the interview)? I'd make sure that all our animals had homes because there are too many for Mike to care for alone. I'd also want to see my sister, as we haven't visited since 2001. I'd want to make love one last time before I got too sick!

Lisa Allender said...

lydia--Hi, thanks for answering the question I posed. I love your answer--animal well-being, family, and love-making(all the important stuff!)!

YogaforCynics said...


Lydia has great taste (I mean, look at the comments she writes on my blog...ahem...I mean, obviously, since she chose yours...)!

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Yoga For Cynics, Thank you for visiting--and yes, Lydia is pretty wonderful!