Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Random Things About Me.

Okay, just now getting to this.I've been tagged at Facebook, to do this.
25 Random Things About Me

1) I used to be very very shy. In fact, I had tremendous difficulty speaking in front of class.Even in college, I was unable to do this, though I loved performing onstage.I suppose when I'm in "the skin of someone else", it's easier than just li'l ol' me standing up there. But poetry(reading it aloud) has helped me immeasurably!
2) I've always wanted to be Irish/Celtic, and I discovered recently that I do indeed have that in my Allender-background.
3) I have a secret fantasy where I am a glass-blower.(in the unbelieveable-irony-category, there is someone named Lisa Allender who is a ceramicist and also blows glass. She lives in UK. I guess she's the Lisa Allender, who gets to do that!)
4)I never had a burning desire for babies, but I would consider adopting an older child/children.So many kids have no home.
5)When I was growing up, we had dozens of dogs, as my parents raised German Shepherds. I used to think "dog-people"(my definition was anyone who raised and spent gobs of time with dogs,and/or showed dogs to win prizes or awards) were weird. Now, I'm older, and love dogs. And dog-people. I don't care about prizes or awards, though.
6) I am survivor of several types of violence in my life. And I believe that much-quoted statistic which claims that 1 out of 4 girls is molested by a friend of the family, or an(extended)relative.In fact, almost every woman I've ever asked, has said they were molested, or raped, at least once in their life. Really.
7) Regarding #6, I still have a bright, optimistic view of mostly all of humanity, and I have completely forgiven those who did harm to me. I figure, they must've been incredibly damaged, to commit awful acts, on others.
8)I love dancing, and once danced, NON-STOP, for nearly 7 hours(I was drinking water while dancing).
9)I think it's incredibly sexy to hear a woman/man read her/his own poetry.(No wonder I spend so much time, listening to poets!)
10)I am a very good cook. I love making pasta dishes, vegetarian dishes, and baking-- cakes, cupcakes, pies, cobblers--is my favorite!
11) A huge disappointment to me was not getting to complete the Team-in-Training Leukemia & Lymphoma Walk/Run of November, 2007(my doctor would not give permission for me to finish). I'm going to try again, though!
12) I used to read all about serial killers. I read so much about Ted Bundy, that I feel like I met him!(excellent books on him: "The Only Living Witness", by, uh, Hugh Aynesworth and his cop-partner, whose name escapes me right now(that book was given to me by a concerned boyfriend, who worried I'm too friendly(true) and would attract bad people(sometimes true)), "The Stranger Beside Me", by famed author, Ann Rule.)
13)I have held over 50 different jobs in my life.All were legal, though some of the jobs had me compromising a few things, but I do not regret any job I've held. Among the jobs:
*dee-jay at a night-club during college(I was 20 years old, and it was during the Disco-Years)
* a planter at a swelteringly hot, humid, seed plant in Ruskin, Florida.It was a summer-job. The folks who owned it were "religious", which meant I had to wear long-sleeved shirt(no bare arms!), with a bra underneath and long pants(no bare legs!)--in a 120 degree(yes, you read that right) greenhouse. In June, July, August. In Florida.
*Barista(before anyone in the US called us that) at Atlanta's Lenox Mall's Macy's Cellar Cafe'. We were "Sales Associates", but were trained to make cappucino's, lattes, etc. there. First espresso/cappucino machine in all of Atlanta, it was from Italy, and very expensive. I loved that job, because of the lovely people I worked with(I discovered, 10 years later--one gentleman I worked with was the uncle of a man I am now very close with!!).
*Actor. In numerous plays, and a few commercials/tv/film. I love acting, but may enjoy writing even more!
*Writer. I've interviewed many famous authors(including Oprah Book Club pick, Elizabeth Berg)and always love learning what they hold dear.
*Director of a musical, at a children's theater.I assisted at a well-known theater, in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida. It was crazy-making, but very fun. The show was "Oliver!"
* Undercover detective. I was hired to report on suspected drug/alcohol use at companies, while posing as a secretary there.(gain the employees' trust, then report on them.)It felt VERY immoral/unethical, but no one ever lost their job on account of my job. All were offered drug/alcohol counseling. I guess that makes me feel a little better.
* Nightclub work. I held several different jobs, in a variety of nightclubs. Use your imagination.
* House/Pet-sitter. Love this work, as it's lots of fun. I did this, off and on, for four years.
*Voice-Over Actor. Really fun job(Anime' voices, commercial work). Pays really well, for very little time invested. But you should have an acting background. It IS acting!
* Waitress.Of course. Too many venues to mention(see also, nightclub work)
Those are just a few of the jobs that I've held.
14) Whenever I worked a job NOT connected to acting, or writing, I dubbed it a "job-job".
15) I used to catch colds, all the time. Because I do meditation, I haven't had a cold in over 9 years.(I believe meditation "centers" me, and so I am "shored-up" when bacteria or viruses near me). The average adult in the US catches 4 colds per year.
16) I love working as a volunteer, and am sad since I've been ill(the past several months, with Diverticular disease/pre-surgery/surgery/recovery) that I have not been able to volunteer with the schoolchildren through BookPALS, help out at theatres, or feed the hungry at the homeless shelter, downtown. I don't understand why more people don't volunteer. Even an hour or two a week, can help!
17)I miss doing retail work. I am very interested in jewelry, and especially, Gemology.I think working for Tiffany's would be a hoot.
18)Although I was raised Catholic, I lost all faith in any god, by 1987. In late 2003, however, and early 2004, I had an "awakening"(way too many things happening--and happening "perfectly"--that I could not explain in any rational way) to faith. I'd call myself a Catholic-Christian, but I'm VERY progressive.I'm much more spiritual, than religious. My way "in" to faith, was through the marvelous Peace & Social Justice group, Pax Christi.
19)When I was very young, I wanted to be a nun.
20) I first had strong urges/crushes on women, when I was 17. I did not seriously(I kissed a few women, that's all) act on those urges, until I was 27.My first woman was only 19--and she definitely seduced me(she was very experienced, etc.).
21)The second man I had sex with, in my life, Bobby, was exclusively gay. We were great friends, and worked together, briefly, at "Penrod's". He came over one evening, we watched t.v., and talked, and I tried marijuana(I'd only tried it once before,I don't usually use drugs)with him. And we joked about a pretty hostess we both knew. I said I thought she'd be a good kisser. He asked "How would you kiss her?" I showed him, and, well, one thing led to another. He was two hours late, picking his boyfriend up from work. I knew his boyfriend, and in fact, we were all good friends. Two days later, his boyfriend came storming over to my apartment, and pounded on the door, threatening to kill me. I hid in my tiny bathroom, and did not answer the door.
A few weeks later, Bobby showed up where I served food at a rib-restaurant, and tried to give me a ring(!). Said his parents and family(in Tennessee) would "just love you, Lisa." I explained I still had feelings for my first boyfriend, that what happened was once-only, etc. I told him I believed he, Bobby, was gay, that it was just an experiment for him. He said no, that he wanted me to marry him.I asked him to please leave. I never heard from him, again.
22)I have few regrets. Except I feel really bad about hurting lovers in my life. I was not always faithful, and loving, as a person in a relationship, should aim to be.
23)If I could live in any other country, I think I'd pick Greece.
24)My niece is top priority with me. Her health, well-being, self-expression, happiness.Young people have all that bright, open promise!
25) I was one of 12--count 'em--12 students, in 1976, in "College Republicans".Within two years,however,I was an Independent. I'm a registered Libertarian(since 1998), but beginning in 1984(in 1980, I voted Independent, just as I did in 1976),
I have voted in national elections, Democrat, all the way!
26) Because I sometimes am naughty--I'm adding a 26th thing:
I think friends really are "the family you choose". I do have a great, strong family-of-origin/family I've married into, both of which I am grateful for, but I'd be lost without my loving, creative, politically-aware, blogging, selfless, inclusive friends!
Peace, kids.


Selma said...

A captivating post. What a wonderful person you are - full of passion and zest. I feel as if I know you after reading this. I know if we ever met we would talk and talk (probably for days). You are one of the good 'uns, Lisa. The world is a better place for having you in it!

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Selma, Gee what nice things to say!
Certainly though, anyone who's met me in-person will tell you I can certainly TALK, and love hearing every detail from others, too!

Collin Kelley said...

Here's the beginning of your memoir, Lisa. :)

Dot-Com said...

Thanks for sharing, it's great to learn these little things about others :-)

Lydia said...

Hey, Collin has it right! Learning these things, the way you wrote about them, only makes me want to know lots more.

The word verification is hersive, and it seems that it should be a real word!

Lisa Allender said...

Collin--You're so funny. Actually, my one-woman "Show and Tell" is somewhat memoir-ish(as you know).
Dot-Com--Thanks for stopping in!
Lydia--Thank you; there are a few more oddities that you would most likely, enjoy. Like the time I was researching the life of a homeless person, for the title role in the one-person show, "Bag Lady", and I lived on the street for awhile. Really.(a tiny bit from that time:On Ponce de leon(a rather long, famous old street), creepy old guys gave me food--but a lady at a church forced me to leave!)

Marianna said...

Now that is what I call a good, nice, long post!

I read it all and I have to say...interesting life! Have you considered writing a novel or something (maybe you already have:-). Your writing is honest and straightforward! Love it :-)

Nice to know that you'd pick Greece to live, as another option. Excellent choice ;-)

Take care
peace and love

Lisa Allender said...

Marianna, Hi there! weeeeeeeeel, I have written "Show & Tell", my one-woman show which is somewhat memoir-ish.Many of my poems are "confessional"in tone, and nearly all have to do with relationships.
Thanks for the compliments!

Dan said...

Hey lisa, thanks for stopping by my site. Wow... what a first post to drop in on. I know more about you than I do about most of my neighbors.

Georg said...

Bonjour Lisa,

That makes great reading this tagging job.

You try to be honest and I can appreciate this because it is not easy.

Wish you joy

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Dan--your blog, Poetic Justice is a treat! Thanks for stopping by!And just so ya know(as per your observation on "25 Random Things"), I usually comment on politics, poetry, peace & social justice issues, and not just me.LOL
Georg, Hi--I am indeed honest. Which you're correct, it's not easy!But, it's very "free-ing".

Alana said...

#'s 1, 6, 12, & 16. Me too!

#13, way cool. You've got tons of life experience. :-)

I've not had sex with a gay man, that I know of, but I do confess a gay fetish. Gay men turn me on.

First girl I fell in love with was in high school. First sexual experience with a woman, when I was a stripper.


punatik said...

Hi Lisa. I found your site by way of Dan. I enjoyed your honesty and look forward to visiting again.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I think you're really brave to be so honest with your answers. I admire that and really enjoyed reading xx

Lisa Allender said...

Alana--Welcome!It sounds like we have lots in common, and would have much to discuss. Thank you for being so open!
Punatik--Hi, welcome!Thank you for your comments!
Pixies--Nice to see you here again. Thank you; I try to be as honest as possible.

Pris said...

Lisa, this is probably the most fascinating random things post I've seen. Yes, definitely expand it to more.

I agree with you about molestation. Since I've been open with what happened with me, I have women telling me all of the time about their own experiences, even an aqua therapist who'd never told anyone. We keep these things secret too often out of shame when it's the perpetrator who carries the shame.

Glass blowing. If you ever start , I'll buy from you. I love blown glass!

Lisa Allender said...

Pris--Hi there, thank you for the upbeat words!
And yes, in terms of shame carried from molestation and/or rape, most adults who've been victimized carry that shame, all their lives, and it informs too many(poor) choices they make, too.
I'm thinking of taking a glass-blowing class later this year!Right now, I'm concentrating on my (LisAhhh's Organics Heavenly Devil's Food) Cupcakes--which took 3rd place(out of 25 entries) at a bake-off, recently!

Crafty Green Poet said...

very interesting list! I love dancing too and usually drink water when dancing, as for hearing poets read their own poetry, it does depend on the poet i find,,,, I'll stop there i don't want my comments to be as logn as your post...

Lisa Allender said...

Crafty Green Poet--Hi there. Yaaaa for dancing!And yeah, it helps when hearing the poems, if the poet is kinda hot. But in any case, I love listening!

KATE EVANS said...

apparently he wasn't EXCLUSIVELY gay!

WOW, re: the jobs!

I agree with you...most women I know have been sexually or otherwise molested in some way. Also, most women I know have had an abortion. And many women I know who fully identify as straight have had crushes on women. In fact, that latter issue comes up in my new novel.

Lisa Allender said...

Kate, Hi, yes, I guess not "exclusively" ;)
And yes on most women having been molested or something.
Abortion? I think it's much more common than most people would guess, but it is sad that this is the situation. It seems like so many people who claim to be "Pro-Life" do not care at all once that life leaves the womb!Even a Roman Catholic group created a slogan reflecting the above statement, that "Life does end at Birth."(and also, it points out the discrepancy in claiming to be "Pro-Life" while supporting state-ordered killing(the Death Penalty), Wars, etc.
That new novel of yours sounds amazing!

Lisa Allender said...

OOPS! That should read:
"Life does NOT end at Birth."

MichaelArchAngel said...

Lisa I leaened so much about you here. You could do the same on my FB wall.