Monday, February 23, 2009


That's the word that kept coming to mind. Host, Hugh Jackman. The Swarovski crystals individually created, and hung, forming a frame for the Kodak Theatre's proscenium. And gowns galore!
The big difference this year is that when each category was announced for the performers, there were five previous winners from the same category, presenting, and offering words of congratulation to each nominee. Which truly made it memorable, I thought...
I mean, even if you did not walk away with the Oscar, you would have this exchange with the likes of Sophia Loren, or Goldie Hawn(two of the featured former Best Actress winners).
I was moved to tears when Sean Penn accepted the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor, for his Harvey Milk in MILK.
Sean Penn echoed the feelings of the screenwriter,Dustin Lance Black, who had his own lovely moment, when he won for the script of MILK. Check out both moments at my favorite blog, Modern Cofessional, from Collin Kelley, at:

It will be a more whole, inclusive and loving, and yes!...God-led world when there are EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL. God Bless and Keep, Dustin Lance Black, Sean Penn, and dear Harvey Milk.

Peace, kids.


Dot-Com said...

I didn't get around to watching much, but by the sounds of it, I should have!

Lydia said...

Wasn't it just a great show? I loved the comments you mentioned. I loved the esprit de corps in the room, the beautiful room! Tonight I heard that Sean Penn was the only American to win in a major category. Isn't that wonderful? We're becoming a more inclusive, global community and I have hope.

I need to remember my 25 things post this week..... :)

Lisa Allender said...

Dot-Com, Hi there. I should've posted a pic of the Swarovski crystals--I still can't get over how palatial they made the setting.
Lydia, Indeed, we DO have a more global community. Thank goodness, because it's been a loooooooooong time comin'!

Marianna said...

Hey Lisa!

I can not wait to watch Sean Penn in "milk"! Many of the movies being awarded haven't arrived in Greece yet lol

From the little that I managed to see...I believe that the word 'fair' came to mind. It was only fair for these actors and creators to win this year, I think :-)

Take care
peace and love

Lisa Allender said...

Marianna, Hi. Enjoy MILK!
I love your word being "fair". It's definitely an over-due concept (for LGBT)at the Academy Awards!

Rhiannon said...


Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving your comments. I have just about all Kate Bush's albums/CD's.

In regards to this post, I loved watching Hugh also. Did you see him in Kate and Leopold? That was quite an interesting movie. I loved it.

I loved Sean Penn's speech so proud of him for just being who he is. This country seems to finally be growing and "maturing" once again.

This is great to meet another fellow blogger. You blog looks very interesting and I love poetry.

Thank you for referring me to your friend who loves Kate Bush too. I'll drop by his blog also.

I shall return.



Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

geetings from scandinavia!
you seem like a very interesting person, judgining by the blog-content.
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love, sarah sofia

Lisa Allender said...

Rhiannon--Hi, thank you for dropping by!Collin Kelley is THE Kate Bush aficianado extraordinaire!Enjoy.
Sarah Sofia Ganborg--Hi there. What part of Scandinavia? I've read lots about Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Iceland--did I miss anyone??I think it'd be so wild to visit waaaaaaaaaaay up there!I'm headed to the site you suggested, right now.....