Thursday, March 19, 2009


Blogger Friendship Award, continued.
So, I promised to post my 8 picks for the Blogger Friendship Award, but first I want to explain what my criteria were.
I first of all had to have "met" and "know" the individual writing the blog, through their blog. And their blog has to keep me guessing, and excited about what. comes. next. So here are my choices:
Congrats to All! Pass the Blogger Friendship Award, on!
Poet With A Day Job--Melissa
Selma in the City--Selma
The Momentary Cloudiness Of A "Dirty" Mind--Marianna
Windows Toward The World--Helen Losse
Being and Writing--Kate Evans
Pensive of Thought--Dot-Com
Bed and Breakfast in Denmark--Sarah Sofia Ganborg
(please note:"Living in Scandinavia" is her main blog. Turns out, someone else has already awarded her the Blogger Friendship Award there,but I enjoy her musings so much, I'm directing you to this "Bed and Breakfast in Denmark", which she updates less often. Both of her blogs are sterling.)

There were several others I wanted to include, but had to keep it to just eight.
Please be certain to check out all these bloggers (all happen to be women, and may I remind you that it's even more important you hear their voice, since male bloggers receive much more traffic, simply because they are male!)
Enjoy, and....Peace, kids.


poetwithadayjob said...

OMG how nice thank you!!!!!!!

Lisa Allender said...

Poet With A Day Job--You're so welcome, I heart you and your Blog!

Brother Tim said...

"(all happen to be women, and may I remind you that it's even more important you hear their voice, since male bloggers receive much more traffic, simply because they are male!)"

Don't know that I believe that, Lisa. Half of my Blogroll are women. :)

Lisa Allender said...

Brother Tim--Hi there! Good for you, having so many women visit your website--and including them on your blogroll!
Staistically, people(including women) tend to click on a site more often if it has a man's name connected to it. But we're all working towards a very inclusive Blogosphere, for sure! Peace, bro.

Lydia said...

Lisa! This is a sweet surprise, most definitely! You are so cool to do this and to promote womens' blogs, too. :)

Selma said...

Thank you so much, Lisa. This means a lot. I feel we are kindred spirits. A good heart like yours is hard to find!!!

DeadMule said...

Thank you, Lisa. In the morning I'll be smarter than I am tonight, so I'll return and figure out what I'm supposed to do. LOL

Lisa Allender said...

Lydia--Have fun with it, m'dear.
Selma--You're most welcome, honey. Ditto to you, on the "good heart" thing!
Helen--You're welcome. You just check out the first post I have there, and copy and paste the criteria Betmo sent me(in that first post) and then select 8 bloggers you'd like to award the Blogger Friendship Award to.Easy, and Fun!

J A Harnett-Hargrove said...

Lisa, Great picks. I checked each one out... Especially enjoyed Selma in the City. Thanks for all the vicarious introductions!
In the creative spirit! -J

Lisa Allender said...

Cuz Jayne--Hi woman, and welcome! I adore "Selma in the City".She speaks often of nature, and her essays on family(both family-of-origin, and her own husband and son), as well as her short stories, are simply sublime!btw, she's also very supportive of other bloggers, too!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Dear Lisa, thanks you so much! I am flattered and frankly out so words... this is so incredibly sweet of you!!!
There's been so much going on here recently and i've had visitors... so I have not at all had the time to attend to both my blogs and also my blogger-friends the way I should have done...
Hope to get more time in the upcomming week!
Love, Sarah Sofia

Dot-Com said...

Thanks you so much for the Blogger Friendship Award! I'll check out the other blogs as soon as I get a chance. Just back from a mini-break, so been off line for five days *grin*

Lisa Allender said...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg--Hi! You're welcome. Enjoy, and we'll "meet here" soon!Peace,woman.
Dot-Com--Hi!I'll see you "here" soon!
Peace, kid.

Lydia said...

OK, Lisa, I finally posted my 25 things that you tagged me to write. It was fun!

Lisa Allender said...

Lydia--Hi there--that was awhile back, but I look forward to reading your "25 Random Things..."! I'm headed over right now, to see what you posted!

KATE EVANS said...

You rock! Thanks so much...Just back from Hawaii and am working on a blog entry.


Lisa Allender said...

Hi Kate--You're welcome sweetie, Thank you for saying that I "rock"!
Peace, woman.

DeadMule said...

Lisa, Thanks so much for this award. Truly, I haven't forgotten it. But it appears, I am never going to get around to awarding others. So, write me off for this one. Life has to go on. Love, Helen