Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dave Dubya Rocks!

Blogger Dave Dubya.For those of you who missed it, check out the very clever March 16th entry at Dave Dubya's Blog, below!
Divorce Agreement
He makes his valid points in the parenthesis, and refutes the far-right's "Divorce Agreement" eloquently, and hilariously!
Be sure to read his readers' comments, too!
Peace, kids.


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

just wann wish you happy easter and check out my link-post, you are emntioned.
love, sarah sofia

betmo said...

dave is a good guy:)

Lisa Allender said...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg--Hi there. Thank you; headed to "Living in Scandinavia" and your "Bed and Breakfast in Denmark", too.HAPPY EASTER!
Billie of Betmo--Hello! Yeah, I am digging Dave Dubya's political rants!

an average patriot said...

Dave knows his stuff! Whoever sends him that stuff is gone!

Larry said...

Good find Lisa, I haven't been to his site for awhile and obviously I missed a lot.

Lisa Allender said...

Average Patriot--I'm loving me some Dave Dubya!!
Larry--He's pretty swell.

an average patriot said...

Lisa He is a good guy and he makes good music too!

Lisa Allender said...

Music? Well, he oughta post some at his blog!

Dave Dubya said...

You can hear some of my musical political satire and radio appearance at the "Audio Post" link.