Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dr. King, Civil Rights, and JOIN THE IMPACT!

I ALMOST POSTED U-2's "PRIDE".Yesterday, April 4th was the anniversary of the assasination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I nearly posted that U-2 song that begins: "April 4th, shots rang out, in the Memphis skyyyy..."
I didn't, because just listening to the song, made me cry. I did not want anyone else to cry.
I want us to celebrate this man's life, his achievements--if it weren't for Dr. King, we would not have the leadership we have in this country, right now. And I don't mean only our esteemed President Barack Obama, but all the people who've ascended to political positions that they were never given a chance at, in the past.
Today is April 5th. National Poetry Month is just beginning, and I think a great way to honor Dr. King is to link him with poetry. The man who ably spoke in the most poetic of terms, and spoke of righteousness as a duty, said "Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we're free at last."
He wasn't referring only to people of color--but to all of us--free to support the civil rights of all.
With this in mind, I've also become a member of Join The Impact.
Check out their website, below, and become a member--it will take about three minutes of your time--for the next round of Civil Rights we must all fight for.
Peace, kids.


Selma said...

Dr. King would have to be one of the most influential, inspirational people in my lifetime. Thanks for this post. I'm going to go and check out the Impact.

Lisa Allender said...

Selma--Ditto, darling. Ditto!
Thanks for Joining "Join The Impact".

Brother Tim said...

Dr King's spirit lives on. It's a shame that politicians refuse to emulate him.

Thorne said...

Great post, Lisa! I've already joined. Great stuff there. So many of us are still struggling for basic human rights, but I shudder to think where we'd be without MLK! I've moved, hon. Please update to!

Larry said...

Right you are Lisa and another good offering you have brought for us.

Lisa Allender said...

Brother Tim--I know! He's(MLK, Jr.) definitely one who walked with Christ.
Thorne--Hi there! Thanks. I could not agree more. I'll update my link for you, right away.
Larry--Hi there. Thanks, hon.

an average patriot said...

When you listen to any of his speeches they were all poetic. It was the man! Anything he said was inspiring. I usually do a tribute to him every year but missed this year at least my own!

Lisa Allender said...

Average Patriot--Yes, he certainly was a great man. Don't feel bad about not posting about him--we can honor him, anytime of the year. ;)

Marianna said...

Martin Luther King was the man indeed. He had "a dream" and he was "going to work it out"...but I used the wrong tense. He has a dream and he is going to work it out, because in a way 'he is' me and you and us.

As long as the ideas live the person is alive in the mind and heart :-)

Have a great week Lisa :-)

Lisa Allender said...

Marianna--Beautifully said, my dear. Thanks. You have a great week, too. I'll be stopping in at
"Momentary Cloudiness of a 'Dirty' Mind" soon!