Sunday, April 12, 2009


If you call yourself a Christian, then today is one of the most important days of your life--the commemoration/celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Even before I embraced faith, even back when I lived and breathed only Atheist "doctrine"(if I could not SEE something in front of me, it did not exist), Spring still felt "special". I now know that what I responded to back then, was the sense of "renewal" one feels, every Spring.
With meditation and prayer, I made the link only a few years ago, to a belief in God, and in Christ.
I am one of those liberal Christians who believes in the tenants of "social Gospel"--that means we endeavor to address the needs of the marginalized--just as Christ did. Feeding the hungry, clothing and housing the poor, and providing education and medical and other assistance for the troubled. I also believe that those who call themselves "Christian" who attempt to exclude those of us who are LGBTQ, are deeply misguided(Blacks were once excluded from many early Christian groups). God exists for all of us. Period.
I will never tell you that my way is the only way to enlightenment, or fulfillment. But I can tell you, without reservation, that with God I am a larger, more fulfilled person, than I was for so many years before finding my way to faith.
I pray that all my readers will come to a sense of serving a larger purpose, however you may find it.
God Bless You All, and HAPPY EASTER!!
Please note: I'll be out-of-town for nearly 8 days, and will resume blogging and responding to e-mails, next Tuesday, April 21st.


Collin Kelley said...

Happy Easter, Lisa.

Lisa Allender said...

You too, Coll.

an average patriot said...

Happy Easter! I am a life long Christian but that is not my fault. I do not need Religion. My wife is Catholic as I am but she practices. I am a Humanist and need no practice.

DeadMule said...

Happy Easter, Lisa.

Larry said...

Hope you had a Happy Easter Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Lisa. Thanks for your constant words of wisdom!

Dot-Com said...

Happy Easter to you too!

Georg said...

Bonjour Lisa,

To have faith is something like a gift. Not everybody gets it!

So happy Easter to you and a happy holiday as well. Come back in good spirits and in good health, if possible.


Brother Tim said...

Happy Easter, Lisa.
Faith is available to all. It starts with what John Wesley descrbed as Prevenient Grace.

But faith cannot be flaccid, nor amendable. Salvation requires a strict adherence.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes we know them by their fruit. So many self proclaimed Christians only embrace the self-righteousness and exclusivity of their beliefs and seem to have completely missed the whole peace, love and compassion part of the message.

TexasCowboy said...

Lisa, I loved your great Easter message. God bless you for sharing it.

Marianna said...

kalo pasxa to you Lisa...Christos Anesti!

take care
peace and love

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Dear Lisa, I loved your post and it's so nice to see how both you and brother Tim practice your faith in such a pure and sane manner - the way that I think, religion really should be. I don't know if I would fit into any particular faith, because I just plain and simple beleave in God inside of all, no matter what we call him. God to me is infinite love and understanding and all we need to do is look for God and live in the image of God and the world would be a much, much better place!
Anyway, thanks for your uplifting and warmhearted post and I hope, you've had a happy easter, too!
we had guests and were in Paris...
love, sarah sofia

Lisa Allender said...

Average Patriot--Hi there! I hear you, and truly DO understand how you feel. I would only say to you that I do not "need" religion, only that my "embrace" of faith(which was NOT easy for me, it took/takes more work than simple Atheism did!)is very uplifting foe me.
DeadMule--Happy Easter, hope yours was great!
Larry--I had a great time. Attended Mass at a nearby(but not my usual) church, St. Brigid's, then headed off for a looooooong road trip, which I'll detail soon at this blog!
Selma--Hi there, what a sweetie you are! Thanks for saying I have "words of wisdom", honey!
Dot-Com, Hi, Hope your Easter was great!
Georg--Exactly! I feel extremely fortunate to get to have another "go" at Faith. However one may define it!
Brother Tim--Hi there! Just back from the road trip, so I'll check out your link you posted here, later today.Hope your Easter was great!
Dave Dubya--AMEN to that! God Bless You, man.
Texas Cowboy--Hi there, welcome to Lisa Allender Writes.Thanks for enjoying, and sharing. Come by again!
Marianna--Hi there. Did you all celebrate "Greek Easter", one week after "our" Easter? I love to celebrate the Holy Day/holiday, twice!
Sarah Sofia Ganborg--I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS, Sarah! And Paris at Easter? Wow.

Brother Tim said...

I gotta laugh. Years ago, I worked in a Greek restaurant. They are a fine bunch of people. I think (actually know) I aggravated them by joking, that the reason they celebrated Easter a week later, was so they could buy their Easter candy at half-price. :)

Lisa Allender said...

Brother Tim--In the "true confession" category, I admit I sometimes was late sending out Easter cards, and so I would speak of "Greek Easter", so as to be "pardoned" for the late mailing!Great observation, half-price Easter candy!LOL.