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I have not posted even a bit on Iran, because I wanted to do a bit of research, follow the "revolution", and then decide what I had to say that might be worth the time to write it, and your time to read it. And exactly three weeks after it began, I'm still stumped. Yes, "Twitter" helped legitimize(and publicize!) the revolution(I think the revolution helped legitimize "Twitter", too!).

But I don't have a clear idea of where, exactly, Iran is headed. And yes, I've read what President Obama said, about whether we have this leader, or that, Iran is still not warming to us(United States).

So, what about you? Please post your comments, because I need to hear from you--the people whose opinions I value!

So tell me where you believe Iran is headed, and what we should be doing about it.

Big Announcement:

I received the One Lovely Blog Award from Sarah Sofia Ganborg, who writes several blogs. Check out her Living in Scandinavia blog, as well as the link to her A Healthier Way of Living blog, at:

Thank you, Sarah Sofia Ganborg.

I'll bestow this One Lovely Blog Award to the following bloggers:

Collin Kelley for his blog Modern Confessional. This is one cool blog, with everything from politics, to pop-culture to the "po-biz"(Collin Kelley's term for the business of poetry) represented. Collin Kelley's long-awaited (and bound-to-be-controversial!) novel, "Conquering Venus" will be released this summer(August, 2009) by Vanilla Heart Press.

Go ahead, check it out, you know you want to!

Lydia, for her blog, Writerquake. Political, but lately increasingly fraught with beauty of the day, Lydia's blog will often make you smile. Her photography rocks!!

Melissa Fondakowski, for her blog, Poet With A Day Job. She covers literature, with an emphasis on poetry, and her tales of animals she loves and cares for, and the people in her "day job" will have you simultaneously laughing and crying. Also, some politics, and thoughts on staying sober....Oh, and delightful recipes and pictures of the fabulous meals she describes!Her photography is not to be missed!

Selma, for her blog, Selma in the City. In Sydney, Australia there lives a funny, upbeat woman whose use of metaphor continues to surprise me. Be sure to check out her "prompts" from various sites, as Selma delivers heartbreaking stories(both bits from her own life, and others) told in an unsentimental, and breathtakingly fresh way. I'm going to coin a phrase here when I say you'll delight in her "Selma-isms".

Jayne Harnett-Hargrove, for her blog called Harnett Hargrove. A visual artist, her signature pieces contain quotes(either from long-ago-famous folks, or from the artist herself). So, take a look at her gorgeous illustrations, and her art(which includes hand-made books, hand-loomed fabric, hand-made paper, etc.). You'll connect with her warmth, and her edg-y sense of life.

Kate Evans, for her blog, Writing and Being. I had the pleasure of meeting Kate Evans last year(October, 2008) at our Atlanta Queer Literature Fest. She is a lively soul, brimming with possibility, and promise. So is her blog. Ms. Evans' follow-up to "For The May Queen" is "Complementary Colors", which is due out this summer(August, 2009). A clue for you, for this book: "fluid sexuality." This novel is from Vanilla Heart Press.

Be sure to read the pieces Kate Evans has published at her blog, from her own mother-- a widely-published author in her own right--who is suffering from a debilitating disease. While it might appear at first mention that such "letters" from her Mom would be depressing, they are in fact a testament to her mother's spirit, which is strong and decent and kind, even when facing a despicable illness like Alzheimer's.

Peace, kids.


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Well deserved all.

I think Iran may well never be truly friends with USA - the cultures are too different...

But then...

Times are changing and people are starting to enjoy the freedoms of the west - meaning a lot of the old ideas are dying out, so you never know

J A Harnett-Hargrove said...

Thanks for thinking so highly of my work. Can I be edg-y under pressure? mmmmmm....

I know I'm in good company, though words are my second language!
xo -Jayne

Bob said...

Very sweet of you, Lisa. Thank you. I haven't posted on my blog in a little while because of what I've been going through, but I hope to again soon. oox

Bob said...

Oops, didn't realize I was signed in under "Bob"! I'm at a friend's house. -Kate :)

Lisa Allender said...

Pixies--Hi there! Thank you for your comments, as always.
I wish both the US and Iran could remember we're all human, we're more alike than we are different, as the cliche' goes.....
Jayne--You're welcome. Be sure to post the "One Lovely Blog Award" on your website. You may wish to "pay it forward" by bestowing the award on other bloggers whose work you admire!
Kate Evans--You had me stopped cold for a moment--I was like, uh, "Bob", Bob, Bob......Hope these days are being kind to you, Kate. Would love to read more of whatever you feel like sharing, at your blog, "Being and Writing".

Demeur said...

As for Iran it's too early to tell. Unlike Iraq the opposition is not armed so no civil war in the usual sense. The only weapons Mousavi has at this point are civil disobedience.

Marianna said...

What better way to celebrate an award than with...another award lol

You're a queen now Lisa (how does it feel?:)Drop by and collect :) I tagged you on my blog.

I'll come back to read your post on Iran carefully. Great issue you're raising there!


Lisa Allender said...

Demeur--Thanks for stopping in. And for the word-up on Iran. We shall see, yes?
Marianna--Weeeeel now, I'll be stopping in to see what's up. Thank you for popping in!

Selma said...

Thank you, Lisa. You truly are a generous and kind spirit. I am so grateful.

I don't know if Iran and the US will ever get to the stage of being like-minded. I would like to see Iran given the chance to sort things put for herself. Watching and waiting is the stance that should be taken for the moment, I think.

Lisa Allender said...

Selma--you are more than welcome, honey!
It appears "wait & see" is what we'll havta do with Iran.

Lydia said...

You're great, Lisa. Thank you for the award, which I treasure coming from you.

Your responses are wonderful.

I have a good friend, Kim, who was married to an Iranian she met in college in the U.S. They were together when we first became friends, but divorced years ago - when their son was about 10. Her ex moved back to Iran when he retired a few years ago.
In their early married life they lived for seven years in Iran. Kim adored his mother, family, and village. Kim adored Iran, period. She said the people she knew were loving, intelligent, joyful. She hated wearing the scarf around her head, but aside from that this free-spirited, artist friend of mine loved everything in the country. So, when there are changes afoot - including outright revolutions, when there is political posturing, including threats to attack Iran - Kim's stories, her photos, images of her half-Iranian son fill my mind. I have no idea where Iran is headed. I just wish the Iran inside my friend's heart was the only Iran on the globe.

Lydia said...

Just thought about this post of yours when I was at Deena Stryker's blog, Other Jones. Her two most recent posts are excellent reading regarding Iran, and the world condition.

Lisa Allender said...

lydia--You're more than welcome. Thank you for the info on "Other Jones", too!
Peace, yo.