Monday, October 19, 2009


I am (recently) often remiss in updating my blog. The cure? Probably I will have to begin limiting my Facebook-time. (sigh).
It appears my excitement over Facebook has become a bit of an obsession. I deliberately ignored Facebook most of this weekend, and ended up forgetting to check my e-mails, too! Not good.
So here's what I did, instead of Facebook-ing all weekend.
On Saturday, Hansoo and I attended The Cumming Greek Festival. Smaller than the Atlanta Greek Fest, but with a cozy feel, room to walk around without huge crowds, lovely vendors with jewelry, coins, cosmetics, paintings, etc...
and the food! The same great variety of veg-friendly entrees and meat(lamb, beef; chicken and pork are offered, too)selections one would see at Atlanta Greek Fest, but the Cumming Greek Fest gives you much larger portions!
Great desserts(I loved eating baklava, after over 6 years of not being able to consume it!) and pastries(the kourabiedes--Greek Easter/Wedding-cookies were mouth-watering-ly good!), too.
The past two days have been very chilly, and even a bit rainy, but that did not dampen our enthusiasm.
On Sunday, we attended the Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta(GRRA)'s Annual "Retriever Romp" at Blackburn Park in Dunwoody, to show support for this marvelous rescue-group, and to show off our sweet "Louie", our quickly aging, but still smiling Golden Retriever, who we adopted from GRRA, way back in October, 1998!
Our newest little love, "Afton" was in fine form. A German Shepherd who we adopted from "Big Canoe Animal Rescue" this past (2009) June, she seemed delighted to see so many "other Louies" running around.
Special thank you to Julie, the GRRA volunteer who shot a few pics of us and to whom we shared our joy of doggies!
Also, big hugs to the owners of "Emma Jo", formerly known as "Journey", a lovely Golden they adopted, after she was saved after being found discarded(with puppies)in a dumpster! While her puppies did not survive, Emma Jo has, and she is a sweetheart!
God Bless all these folks who open their homes--and their hearts!!

*"Voices Carry", the annual Atlanta event which features poets from around the world.
I'll be updating with all the details, very soon!
*"I See Straight People", a spoken-word and poetry benefit for the AQLF(Atlanta Queer Literature Festival),
I'll have details on this soon, too!
*"Lend Me An Ear", the annual charity event at New American Shakespeare Tavern, with radio plays performed live, by SAG/AEA/AFTRA talent, and proceeds from ticket-sales going directly to The Atlanta Community Food Bank, to feed hungry families.I'll be featured as "Laurine" in "A Logic Called Joe", in an episode of the sci-fi series, "Dimension X".
Interested in attending "Lend Me An Ear"?
Here's the scoop:
The 6th Annual ''Lend Me An Ear!''
This year's theme: "A Six-Pack to Go!"- A 6 Part Olio

A benefit for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Don’t miss this fabulous evening of Old Time Radio presented live on stage by over 30 local members of AFTRA, SAG, and Actors Equity! Come join in the laughter as we celebrate America's Golden Age of Radio with some of Atlanta's finest actors and voice talent. The evening will include the folksy VIC AND SADE starring Bill Tush of the TBS Tush Show; broad comedy with THE JOE PENNER SHOW; a soap opera with WHISPERING STREETS; light mystery with MR. & MRS. NORTH; science fiction with DIMENSION X; and a musical spoof with DICK TRACY IN B FLAT.

Doors open to the public at 6:15 PM and English fare and beverages including beer and wine will be available. General Admission is $15 (plus $3.00 service fee for online sales) and all proceeds go to Atlanta Community Food Bank! Seating is first come, first served. There is public parking at Emory Midtown Hospital (formerly Crawford Long Hospital), show your ticket stub for a discount!

Come join in the laughter and celebrate
America's Golden Age of Radio!
Happy Imagining!

Monday, October 26, 2009 at 7:30 PM
New American Shakespeare Tavern
499 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: (404) 239-0131
Map & Directions

Peace, kids.


an average patriot said...

Look forward to your update. All right, you like old time radio! Do you know Monique and Middle ditch They are a group from Great Britain that do a on line radio skit about once a week, sound effects and everything. It is great and takes you back. They are short skits, listen to one you'll love it!

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Patriot!Nice to see you here. Headed to your blof...and to the great British site you mentioned in your comment, too!
Fun! ;)

Lisa Allender said...

That should read: "headed to your Blog..."

Brother Tim said...

I know what you mean about Facebook. It can tie up a lot of time.

However, I have my ace reporter, Moose, to keep up my blog. ;)

an average patriot said...

Lisa your funny, I got it! I hope you went to middle ditch. It is so cool!

Lydia said...

My relationship with Facebook is different than yours. I just haven't learned to love it, so spend little time there. And Twitter? Fergetaboutit! I think I'd be addicted if I liked the crazy thing, not that I'm sure I would like it, but if I did, then I'd be hooked on it!
Love the bit about your rescue group activities. Not sure if I told you that the man who rescued our Abby at Texas Old English Sheepdog Rescue died in May of a heart attack. We actually still mourn; we owe him so much. The group went bonkers with grief via the website and emails. We'll always renew our membership in his memory.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Hi lisa,
Happy to hear what you've been up to.... as I don't go to fb much.
xoxo -J

Lisa Allender said...

Bro Tim--Hi there. Thank you for popping in, here and at FB...
Average Patriot--Hi there.Love "Middle Ditch".
Lydia--I don't "Twitter" too often.But love my Facebook.(sigh)
You did indeed let me know, here at my blog, about your sheepdog manand I commented on it here, too!
Wonderful to support rescue groups!
Cuz Jayne Harnett-Hargrove--Nice to hear from u!

an average patriot said...

Lisa I hope you get notification when they do a new episode, I look froward to them and listen with a big grin on my face. I really like ti!

Marianna said...

Hey Lisa! Glad to hear that there are Greek festivals like that where you live lol

I am jealous now so I'll go eat a baklava too!

Take care

Georg said...

Bonjour Lisa,

As you seem - according to your own writing - a kind of Facebook-addict, I would appreciate very much to hear what it means to you.

I am not member there but get regularly invitations to join, from people I know, but the invitation did not come from them but from the Fb-Administration. A bit weird.
For the moment I keep to old-fashioned blogging and await your comment if you feel like it.


Lisa Allender said...

Average Patriot--Hi, I look forward to more "radio-theatre"!
Marianna--Hi, yes, I love Greek food, too!
Georg--Hi, I will be posting about FACEBOOK right away, here in my next entry at this blog...