Sunday, October 25, 2009


Georg of the blog, "Washing Without Getting Wet",(see link in my "Poets, Bloggers, and Others", to the right of this column) asked for me to address what Facebook means to me. So, here you are, Georg...
Facebook is the new blog.
Why? Because it's self-expression, and instant gratification, and it's instant connection--often to people(old friends, ex-co-workers, etc.) I've not seen in (literally) twenty years or more!
In the past week I've been able to argue politics with two sweet folks who I used to see on a regular basis, back in the late 1980's. One is a lovely woman who is a performer like me. The other is a young man who is a supporter of performers and artists, and both apparently, are very conservative in their politics, which very much surprised me. It's been really interesting to hear from two folks I knew for years, but about whom I knew very little(unless they've radically shifted politically since then, which does NOT appear to be the case!).
I've reconnected with a gorgeous red-haired woman who was a best pal in the 1980's with me, as I worked two jobs and struggled to be heard, to be understood. Sherry T. is the strong, self-actualized woman I expected her to become.
I truly feel humbled by the folks getting in touch with me from long ago(ex-beaus, old friends, grown children of moms I know, etc.)and feel quite lifted-up, and buoyed by the kindness and interest shown me, and my written words.
If you're not on Facebook, you should be.
In my opinion, Facebook is:
*the new blog
*the new town-hall
*the new community-organizer
*the new best-friend
*the new lover
In my case, I'm so addicted, that Facebook might also be my "drug of choice".
I don't want to neglect this blog, because "Lisa Allender Writes" has been good to me. YOU dear readers, have been good to me!
Join me on Facebook, too, so we can have a real, intimate relationship. I promise it'll be good for you, too! ;)
Find me at Facebook, using "Lisa Nanette Allender", or simply use my Auto-Link to Facebook, to the right of this column.
Peace, kids.


Anonymous said...

The NetworkedBlogs app in Facebook will allow you to push content into FB from your blog. I found that people seem much more likely to comment on a FB post representing my blog entry than in the actual blog comments area. So, the conversation aspect has shifted over to FB as a result. Interesting transition.

betmo said...

i find that i love the games :) i don't really care for the rest- but that's the personal opinion from me :) i agree that there is a shift- but there are going to be those who won't join- so....

i find myself at facebook simply to avoid actual writing. i think that there is something to be said for delayed gratification and actual writing- as for activism, etc, i agree and networking with former friends and who not- i agree :)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I got bored with facebook pretty quickly - i did manage to find a few people i knew from years ago, but mostly it seems to be people trying to prove how popular they are

I think its the fact that there's no easy way to post creatively and track specific entries - so if i wanted to go into the kind of detail i do on blog then it would soon get lost.

Collin Kelley said...

Yep, Facebook is definitely the new blog. More action happening there than at my Modern Confessional.

Brother Tim said...

I too, have been spending a lot of time on Facebook. So much so, my blog suffers. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Lisa Allender said...

Robert--I've seen tthat, too! Thank you for visiting, and please pop in, again! ;)
Betmo--I have not even tried any of the games, though I have answered at least a few qizzes on my mental state(I appear to be functioning alright!), and my bootie!
Pixies--I hear ya on the "popularity" thing; it does seem at times, that folks are just into the quantity of FB friends, not quality!
Coll--Like I said! ;)
Bro Tim--Likewise!
Thanks to all of you who have so far posted comments. Gee, even a blog ABOUT Facebook generates traffic to this blog!

Georg said...

Bonjour Lisa,

Thanks for explaining without myself being obliged to go there just to find out.

Looking at the comments, too, FB seems to be attractive for lots of people for quite different reasons.

As to me, I don't feel inclined to join because this would mean more time in front of the screen.

Thanks, Lisa, really


Georg said...

Bonjour Lisa,

Just finished to read your FB article once again to find out without becoming member.

All this reminds me that, from time to time, I receive invitations to join. One was from a former friend who did not answer my emails and another is from my neighbor. Now if those two wish to talk to me it is easy in both cases. So why did they ask me to come to FB??

In a nutshell, for the moment I stick to my blog and to those of my blogger friends and continue to do some oldfashioned writing.

Cheers, Lisa, thanks again for explaining.


Lisa Allender said...

Georg--Yeaaa for "old-fashioned" writing, too.
But Facebook is not going away. The upgrade it needs?
A "permanent blog" application, which would help in researching (previous)comments...