Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I guess all this finishing of our basement, has gotten me excited about renovations, in general.
I was a fan of some of HGTV's offerings for years now, but lately:
Home & Garden Television(HGTV) has become my new "guilty pleasure".
Favorite shows:
"Bang For Your Buck", where different homeowners' houses are profiled, and recent renovations are compared, to see who got the (most) "bang", for their "buck".
This show is filmed in the lovely metro Atlanta area, as is another compelling series:
"Curb Appeal"--Starring designer John Giddings, he and his team work to create--as the title implies--more appeal, as seen from the curb. Several prominent Atlanta neighborhoods have been seen recently, including Inman Park, and the rising "East Atlanta Village" neighborhood. :)
If you're curious who's doing our own (complete basement finishing)renovations,it's the delightful team of A.B.C.:
Atlanta Basement Creations, headed up by Michael Humin, general contractor.Michael is a joy to work with, and his team is reliable, on time, courteous,meticulous, neat, and..... ahead of schedule!
Back to HGTV:
I also enjoy "Holmes on Homes". A Canadian production, Mr. Holmes corrects previous contractors' mistakes, and rescues homeowners, from their own homes!
To see what's happening at HGTV, just scroll down, and clickon the link in my "Poets, Bloggers, and Others", list, to the right of this column.

Hope you are having a marvelous week!
Peace, kids.


Mark said...

I also enjoy HGTV and I can understand why you watch. I have developed some fun ideas by watching some of the shows you noted.

Anonymous said...


California Girl said...

I used to watch that channel religiously. Curb Appeal was probably my favorite. We sold our family home of 12 years in December and I don't watch now as we're living in my MIL's farm house trying to decide whether to fix it up and stay or find our own, smaller place as our sons are on their own and work that. My husband just wants a condo w/ zero work.

Lisa Allender said...

Mark--Great! "Great minds think alike..." :)
Thank you for visiting & commenting, Mark!
Cali Girl--Hi, thank you for visiting!Sounds like you have some good options!I vote for the farm-house!