Thursday, April 29, 2010

Like A Child, Again!

I'm developing quite an interest in all phases of production.
In the past, my interest was keen in directing, and of course, in writing and acting.
But I'm becoming quite excited by what I see in all the crews: tremendous satisfaction. It seems all the directing, acting, and writing in the world doesn't mean a thing, if there's no crew to light you, mike you, make you up, and of course, film and edit you. Feeling lots of gratitude for crews, everywhere.
Next on my agenda: learning make-up for film.
The enthusiasm I have for the various elements involved in producing a television show, or TV commercial, or film, has me feeling like a kid, again!


Anonymous said...

Film making is brilliant. You are right about it reigniting childhood enthusiasm. Enjoy every moment. Can't wait to hear more!

Lisa Allender said...

Selma--Thank you! I'm posting more regularly, and back in the blogosphere(including at your great blog, "Selma in the City") more often, too! :)