Sunday, April 11, 2010

Walking on Sunshine.

What a marvelous day!
This morning, I had the honor of reading with Franklin Abbott and Theresa Davis at First Existentialist Congregation in Candler Park, Atlanta.The subject for Poetry Month at First E. was:
"Poetry is the Queerest of Languages."
The crowd was enthusiastic, and the response to everything from the traditional African-American spirituals we sang, to the incredibly talented pianist playing a smoking blues song, to hearing Franklin's steady,warm voice and mellow words, to feeling Theresa's heartbreak as she retold the story I never tire of hearing(her "Breathe", based on a lost love from college), was amazing.
I read afew older pieces, and then...
I chose a new piece to read, called "China Blue Frost", (the name of a Revlon eyeshadow), which has to do with (a few of)my days in college, sort of.....
Afterwards, Julie Bloemeke, Dan M., and I headed over to The Flying Biscuit(in L5P)
I even ordered(and enjoyed!) a cocktail.
Yaaay, Peach Bellini.
Then tonight, went to visit with a pal who found me through Facebook. We met up at a dear mutual friend's home.
I love life, like this!

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