Saturday, May 08, 2010


It's easy to say you have a great Mom, if you're fortunate enough to have a great Mom.
What's often not-so-easy, is getting her to believe you.
My Mom, Demetra, is humble. Raised by a kind Greek lady(my maternal grandmother, my "Yia-Yia"--Georgia Chiboucas-Comati)who had not only my Mom, but three other children, and her alcoholic husband to worry about, she persevered, and I feel certain my Yia-Yia's patience and belief in the decency of each individual, helped inform my own Mom's absolute faith (some would say my Mom's naivete'--- in the inherent goodness of everyone)in the world.
It seems my Mom doubts her own contributions.I know she wishes she'd had college, and a "career", but the women of my Mom's generation took seriously their most important(if it's done well, it's the hardest job on the planet)job:
that of being a good Mother.
From my Mom, I learned to cook carrots. Fry fish. Bake pies.I learned the "value of a dollar", because if I wanted "extra" money, I earned it by doing "extra" chores:(cleaning up after the dogs(we had a kennel);seasonal household duties, like cleaning a refrigerator or oven, etc.).
I saw her tenderness in caring for the numerous doggies we had.
I learned to respect my elders.
I never learned to sew, but she certainly tried to show and teach me.I was probably a bit spoiled, what with her sewing such cuuuuute dresses, skirts, and jumpers(remember those?) for me. So cute, that I even got nominated for Best-Dressed in high-school.
High School:
when Mom was the ultimate in chaffeur, and supporter: attending plays I acted in, cheering me on when I performed as a "Dancerette" at East Bay High School in Riverview, Florida, and letting me ramble on(and on) about " know, that cute boy at C.Y.O...."(Catholic Youth Organization).
The most important thing she taught me, was to respect, and value-- myself.
"If you don't respect you, who's going to?" she asked, and she meant it.
"If you don't believe in you, who's going to?"
This Mother's Day, I'm asking you, Mom, to do what you asked me to do...
You really ARE that kind, caring Mother that companies like Hallmark keep writing about.
I'm one lucky woman, and so is my sister, Tina. And so is your grand-daughter, Breaz.
Peace, kids.


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

oh no

You've got me really worried now - i think i completely forgot about mother's day

thanks for the reminder, and for the lovely post

Lisa Allender said...

Pixies--Don't worry, you still have time. It is early on Sunday, May 9th, Mother's Day, 2010.

文君 said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE..............................................................

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Lisa - do you know you nearly gave me a heart-attack the other day.

I forgot - I'm in the UK. Mother's day here has been and gone in March!!!!

I bought her a present and everything.

PS - don't worry about infrequent visits. Just keep on popping by, you're always welcome

LisaNanetteAllender said...

Pixies--I wondered if you all celebrate Mother's Day, earlier.
Forgive me, Pixies, but it's kinda cute that you ran out & got a present, etc.
Peace to you. :)